Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: The Sunset, Dyslexia, Homo Reptilia, D Day Version 6/6/13

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Sunset  in our corner of the world...
The Long Island Sound 
Friday night, beaching it after a long day of schoolwork.

My little man, 
my perseverant, diligent kid 
at the word game, Nab.
Even better?
He is severely dyslexic.
Words are often his nemesis.
But it seems lately, when he can control them,
 he is a winner! 
He's been shown disdain and impatience, interestingly, 
not by his friends, but their parents and other adults who just don;t get it.
Yet he is truly 
the most kind generous, gentle individual I've ever known.
The kid gets compliments on 
his politeness, maturity and ability to converse 
with anyone about anything where ever he goes.
His vocab has exploded and he's memorized 
unabridged Shakespeare scripts for dual and triple roles.
(Which I discuss in this post.)
So take that fill-in-the-blank phonics workbooks.
And that means he'll go far in life.
Even though traditional schooling isn't his friend.
The Lord knew His Plan when He directed me 
to specialize in Reading Disabilities Education as a grad student, too.
Way before this little guy was on my radar.
That hasn't escaped me.

Homo Reptilia??
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Picture of U.S. Troops wading through water and Nazi gunfire during D-Day.

The Invasion of Normandy
D Day
June 6, 1944
And it doesn't get more real than that.
Photo- from FDR Library

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  1. Congrats to your bright young man! A relative of mine is severely dyslexic, and was educated in a generation in which the problem was not understood. No special helps for her, and it was a struggle. But she is a winner. She retired from teaching recently, and during her career earned awards for such things as "teacher of the year." She is considered one of the best educators around, she reads for the pure pleasure of it, and unless one knows her well, one would never know she has any problem. I once mentioned her HAVING had it, and she said "oh - but you have the tense wrong. I STILL have it. I don't see words the way you do."

    Hooray for your persevering young guy!

    1. Nancy
      Thank you so much:) You're so sweet!
      Yes, we are lucky that educators are beginning to see that those with LDs just learn and perceive differently, not incorrectly.

      Thanks for the kind words:)

  2. Oh, for an educational system that fits the student, rather than a system into which a student must fit. :-( What a blessing you have been to your son!

    1. Kim,
      You're a doll to stop over and lv a comment! Yes, true, if only that was the case in education. That's why HSing has been such a good fit for him!

      God bless


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