Thursday, June 20, 2013

Theme Thursday 6/20/13~ "Water"

Hi there and welcome to my little spot on the web!
 I'm so happy to link up today with 
for her super fun blog hop,

My  memories around "water,"
were sparked by 
Cari's theme for this week
and so...
here goes:

Summer 2008
summer 2012

"Our" lake,
which I write about here  in
Lengthening Shadows.

Hiking on a glacier,
Glacier Nat'l Park.
I wrote a reflection here, called
Glacial Peaks.
Summer 2012

The Pacific for the very first time.
Ruby Beach, WA in
Olympic Nat'l Park
July 2012

The LI Sound
Spring 2013
CT in the distance, to the right/north

Our pool,
which we've since ripped out.
Too much work/expense....
Summer 2009

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We spend most of our summer days at my father in law's pool. We love the water too!

    1. Thanks Monique!!
      Such great memories of summers in our backyard pool too!!

      Thanks for stopping in!!

  2. This post is giving me the travel bug. I need to get out and explore some beautiful, natural swimming holes!

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer, for stopping in!!
      Love that travel bug!


  3. Love the adventures and places you have been! Enjoy our week!


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