Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday Snippets: 8/4/13

I'm gratefully linking with RAnn
 a carnival of Catholic posts.

If you are new here at my blog, 
please stop over to my online mega book sale...
Curriculum, teacher resources, kid lit from preschool to middle school.

There's something for everyone...
I'm joining in  Jessica's 3rd annual curriculum sale and happy to do so!

I've published each day this week, 
but the posts I'm sharing for RAnn's carnival are~~~

and a couple of fun posts around our recent trip:

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Mega Sale~ Curriculum, Instructional Materials, Teacher Resources and Kid Lit! (PreK to grade 12 )

Hi there friends~

If you're looking to purchase inexpensive books:
instructional or kid-lit,
 you've come to the right spot!

I'm gratefully linking up to the online curriculum sale 
over at Jessica's lovely blog.
As each school year came to a close,
and the kids "outgrew" materials,
I gave much of it  away little by little.
( We're about to start our ninth year! Wow.)
I still have many items,
some gently used,
some never even cracked open,
 that I'll list here.

If you are interested in purchasing an item (s)......
Here are the details:

1. Please leave me a comment below with your email
address  and the items you'd like
so that I can contact you for your address and get it out to you asap.

2.  Shipping will be an additional $2 to $6 depending on weight.
I'll reply to you to give you details on your item/s.

3.  Please note that I request payment in the form of 
 bank check or  money order.

Also, if you'd like to break up a "package" below,
I'm totally fine with accommodating you.
 Just let me know.

So here's my list of goodies:

2 copies of SAT prep workbook
$10 each

Math U See
Zeta DVD used only a few times

Product Details

Math U See
Gamma DVD 
used infrequently/orig case cracked/now being stored in nice clear jewel case.

Science Workshop series
Biology~ Dynamic Processes

Product Details

Oceans and Atmosphere
Science Workshops Series pub by Globe Book Company

Product Details

The Universe
Science Workshops Series pub by Globe Book Company

Product Details

Science Workshops Series pub by Globe Book Company

Product Details

Evan Moor Daily Math Practice  grade 3
( This was free to me....I'd ask you to pay only $2 for the shipping cost)

Evan Moor Daily Paragraph Editing gr 2

ABeka: Our American Heritage 3
stud book and book of tests and quizzes
not written in at all...never used
$12 set

Mc Graw Hill Basic Skills grade 4 ( 350 pp)

Set of 2 handwriting books:
Complete Book of Handwriting  352 pp
Cursive practice 32 pp
Set: $4

Set of 3 Teacher Created Materials:

 Seton  English 3 FYC 

Seton English 2  FYC

Set of 9 softcover dinosaur books
(1 is an activity  book and 1, a sticker book)

set of 2 Zoobooks:
Elephants and Endangered Animals

The Catholic Baby Name Book
My review of Patrice's book is here. This is not just any baby name book.

Set of 3 Magic School Bus books
 a VHS tape, "Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space"

What your 3rd Grader  Needs to Know 
(yes, I'll take all those post its out of it! I have certain curricular areas and resources within marked)

What Your 2nd Grader Needs to Know

set of  Little House on the Prairie picture books 

Set of 2:
*expo wipe off "learning board" with marker
 Never opened
*package of 60 Wipe off writing strips ( multi colored and white in pack)
Never opened, either

Set of 9 "early" chapter books

Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Common Sense Press
$ 4

Exploring Language with the Dictionary
level c

Exploring Language with the Dictionary
level A

Set of 4 Primary Phonics books

You Read to Me, Ill Read to You

Word Family Storybooks

Disney's Small World Library
Set of 6 Hardcover

set of 22 picture books
all softcover, except for The Cat in the Hat, which is hard
$ 14

Set of 2 VHS tapes:
The Story of Moses and
The Miracle Maker

Measurement Mania
by Lynette Long pub by Wiley
(games and activities that make math fun)

"Time" resources~

Learn Time with wipe off pages and moveable clock hands.
(cover and inside pictured)

Really an awesome resource for young kids



Time: Write and Wipe

Thank you for stopping in, friends!
If you see a few items here that are appealing, 
please spread the 
word of the sale to your friends and fellow homeschooling Moms...

I will be updating the list of sale items as I clean out and purge shelves;
so please check back.

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