Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adirondack Memories~ Sunshine, Sand, Swimming, Sunfish and Our Savior: Sunday

Hi there and welcome back to my photojournal of our
annual week upstate in the closest spot to heaven that there is on earth!
I am sure of it.
Yesterday, day 1, was awesome.

Days like today cause me to ponder what Ginny wrote....
and much more eloquently and honestly than I ever could.
But now, this week, this time, this present,
is full of the good. All good.
 I'll take it.

So, today~
Our first full day in the Adirondacks...

...began with morning mass at Holy Infancy Catholic Church in Lake Luzerne.
Catholics on vacation? Aren't they awesome??
Flocking to church and spilling out of the crowded interior listening to mass on the speakers outside!
I forgot my camera as we hustled out to mass in the morning
 ( not a usual thing!) 
And so I took the 
church's picture off the Diocese of Albany's website.

After arriving back at the cabin, hubby made delicious BLT sandwiches and we spent the day in the water, by the water or on the water.

 Big accomplishment!
The guys.swam to Tom Sawyer Island in  lake's middle!
I followed in a boat in case anyone needed a lift AND to take some pictures!~
 Right now, Kev's on a Dan Brown kick.....
Love how he settles with a book in the midst of chaos on the beach...
Do you see our sweet little turtle in that tank??
She's our sweetheart:)
Suffice to say, she's the cutest, tamest most adorable reptile ever. 
More pics tomorrow of our li'l Red Ear Slider.


 My brother moved upstate a few years ago.... only 10 minutes from our spot up here...
We get to see him while we're on vacation!
He came over to join us for  a great afternoon!

Volleyball tourney!

And the night begins.....
Pasta, campfire and hopefully a glimpse of the meteor shower this evening.
I wish I could package the campfire aroma and send you a s'more!

I thank you so much for stopping by to visit and share in 
our family's time here in the mountains!
I hope that all is well with you!

Until tomorrow, hopefully~~~ 


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