Sunday, August 25, 2013

~ All My "Adirondack Memories" Posts in One ~ Plus Some Proud NY State History

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I hope this finds you well and having a wonderful day!
I have had so much fun blogging my Adirondack memories into a 
photojournal during the time my family was up in the gorgeous mountains of New York.
Many associate NY with only the Big Apple;
yet parts of The Empire State are  rural, rugged, even majestic.
The history with which our state is drenched is also quite fascinating....
We are  Last of the Mohican territory, friends!
Think Revolutionary War, think  spies and espionage and 'George-Washington-slept-here' plaques upstate, downstate ( and yes, even in downtown New York City!)

Did you know that New York was our nation's capital at various times in the late 1780s as well as hosting significant transportation advancements into the 19th century such as the first steamboat line and the Erie Canal?

Interestingly, although New York was far from its battles, the 11th state sent
 the most men AND money to support the Civil War.


Sadly, we live downstate in a hotbed of liberalism,
drenched in a moral culture completely opposed 
to our way of thinking, our political views and the manner 
in which we are raising our children.
It's a literal and figurative breath of fresh air to visit the bucolic  
Adirondacks where our souls can breath and where we can revisit our memories as well as
 creating new ones.
And, just a little aside that kind of irks us:
Many USA and world maps cut us off completely!
Nope, not kidding!
It's quite often that we find all five boroughs of Manhattan 
as well as all of Long Island just do not exist. 
Strange huh?
My kids have noticed that Cape Cod ( north of us, of course) and
the DelMarVa peninsula ( south of us, of course) 
do not get deleted!
What's up with cartographers and LI?
Sheesh, eliminate 7.5 million people?
Yup, that's the population of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk,
 which are the counties on The Island.

Friend, thanks for sticking with my NY state facts!
Here's a compilation of my "Adirondack Memories" posts from our week
 in the country and the beauty
 of upstate New York:

Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad

~Sunrise, Our Inviting Lake and a Crackling Campfire ~ Day 1

~ Perch, Pleiades, Promises~ Day 3


~To Be Here is to Know Heaven~
 Wednesday and Thursday

Adirondack Memories: How Can the Week Be Over?

Older posts that I wrote for my Memoir Monday hop, 
to which you are always welcome to link!

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  1. I didn't know some of those facts! :-) I agree with you 100%! Where we live is the same situation as yours-- moral depravity and certainly not in touch with our values or the way we are raising our children. I would love to more upstate some day to find some more "like-minded" folk. :-) I can't wait to visit all of your posts. God bless, Lisa

  2. Wow, "moral depravity" is a great way to describe the conditions as they exist....

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your trip, friend!

  3. Hi Chris! Your blog is this week's blog of the week! Congrats fellow blogger! :]

    1. Awwww, THANKS!
      I love love love Blog Mommas! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Chris,

    My knowledge of your country is sadly lacking. Thank you for sharing some facts about where you live. Yes, we do tend to think New York... Big Apple. Obviously there is much more to NY than that! The mountains sound like a wonderful retreat away from the city. So beautiful! Wouldn't it be interesting if we all shared a bit more about our home city, town or village and surrounding area?

    1. Yes! I really like your idea! I, too, have limited knowledge about your country and tend to think only of the Sydney Opera House and kangaroos in the outback when I hear "Australia!"
      Ok, assignment: every so often, let's each throw some history/trivia about our homeland out there! I'd enjoy it!
      Thanks for stopping in, Sue!~ I always love your visits!

  5. Chris, I haven't caught up on all your posts but I loved learning more about New York, and I also was reminded of how fortunate we are to live in a state that is more conservative and supportive of our views, though...not always, but sounds like it's a little easier than what you endure. God bless you all the more for being steadfast, Chris! No wonder you home-school your kids. You have to protect them. Wishing you a happy fall back to the school year. Blessings and nice to be in touch again. :)

    1. It IS lovely to be back in touch, Rox. I wish our travels this summer took us to ND!

      Thank you for the kind words on the post ~ I am looking fwd to getting caught up on your writing from this summer as well! You have several enticing pieces that I eagerly await reading during a bit of downtime when I can enjoy.

      Be well!

  6. We live downstate too, Chris, a little north of you in Dutchess County and in the 21 years I have been here I see the "city" encroaching more and more and it makes me sad when they cut down trees for yet another sub division of cookie cutter homes!! OK enough of my rant! :)

    My husband is absolutely in love with the Dacks...especially Forked Lake. He cant wait to get me up there. I spent many girlhood and young adult summers vacationing in Lake George and love the beauty and majesty...and I can't wait to hear the cry of the loons at sunrise. {PS Born in Yonkers, I have NEVER EVER been camping!! But I am open to the idea!! Words of encouragement welcome!!} Thanks Chris. :) Blessings to you...

    1. Sheila, you definitely should go ! I don't know of Forked Lake, but the whole area is gorgeous!
      Yup, I'm a Queens girl and so camping is new to me, but I do love it.

      Will be over to read today's blog post in a bit.

      Thanks for stopping over, Sheila~

  7. I live up just outside the ADK and it IS quite wonderful! My husband was in the military for 6 years and the whole time I pined for my home mountains. We lived in Alaska - which most people think of as so wonderful - and I can honestly tell you the ADK is better in my opinion! Thank you for telling people about Northern NY. There is life north of Albany! :-P

    1. Well, thanks, Kathy! We LOVE the beauty of the Adks! There's really no place like it.

      Thanks for stopping in and visiting, kathy!


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