Sunday, August 4, 2013

Memoir Monday~ A Sunday Afternoon Somewhere in Kansas

Miles and miles passed
Miles and miles yet to go.
634, specifically
Between our last stop in Missouri.
 and our next.
Colorado bound, for now.
Eventually the Pacific coast.
But on the way, 
and despite a few squabbles...
after all, 
it's a lot of togetherness and one small tent.....
...despite all that,
there is beauty.
Breathtaking and in need of capture:

The cloudless cerulean sky stretching in all directions.

The whispery turquoise roadside wildflowers,
 seemingly not beaten down by constant raging, passing vehicles.

The azure and crystal-bright, 
yet mischievous eyes of my Kev.

And the midwest hue of green
unlike any we've seen before, really

Impossibly neat acres of corn,
hundreds of acres...
Blowing by  windy interstate
following the ribbon of road
the red,
the classic red
and silver capped
They stand like distant sentinels 

For time marches on.

We'll remember this only
when we reflect back.
Not a cross word
a tense moment.
Those seem to be evaporating already.

No, those memories that glow....?
The vapors of moments
the layers of time?
Those will shine
 with the grace and the quiet and the togetherness 
that we feel right now.
I know they will. 

Welcome, friends, to Memoir Monday.

I jotted this piece in a writing workshop a few days ago.
It needs something, but right now,
I've hit a wall and will have to revisit it at some other time.
A lovely local writer leads the class at our town library
and has fostered an encouraging writer and response group.
I wish the class met more frequently!
Here's what she calls the "story spark" that she gave us to
get writing for 10 minutes only and what "sparked" the above piece:

"It's a good thing that when God created a rainbow, 
He didn't consult a decorator or He'd still be picking colors."
quote by Sam Levenson,
an American humorist

A short piece which I wrote in another of her workshops is here in:
 if you'd like to read her "spark method" and my "reaction" to it.
The array of pieces that those in the workshop wrote off of her spark was
so varied and quite fascinating!
The depth, too.....
the genre, the length, the style of the participants' pieces.
I was thinking that really,  as I sat and listened
 in, in, 
to the souls of those sharing,
isn't one of the hallmarks of a good writer 
an emotional connection that is made with the reader?
Just with this one basic quote, 
such a wealth of personal reflections flowed.
It was truly remarkable.
The writers were at all "levels" of proficiency,
but it didn't matter...

The way each person either actively listened, complimented a phrase,
or encouraged?
Well, we're all works in progress, aren't we?

So some "business" around Memoir Monday~~~
We've been  
"on hold" with scheduled memoir for summer.
Please stay tuned for info as to the regularity of Memoir on Mondays. 
I am not sure that I'll be hosting the hop or blogging as often 
once the school year resumes, 
though I will be writing memoir-ish posts on occasion...
I know we all will!
So I'm not sure how the hop  will be structured.
Perhaps one Monday, monthly.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Nanette...How nice of you to stop in and comment!
      Have a lovely day!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Justine...and thanks for your visit!


  3. Chris,

    I can just imagine all those colours. The togetherness... That's what we remember most of all. When I was writing about our family run the other day, it was the feeling of togetherness that made me want to record that special afternoon.

    Your writing workshop sounds so much fun. I would love to get together with other writers. It's interesting how a spark will result in such different pieces of writing from different people.

    I didn't have time to write a memoir piece this week. Too busy writing about running and soup! I'd love to join in another time even if you only have the hop once a month. That would suit me fine!

    1. It IS interesting, isn't it, how one thought can cause such a wealth of differing perspectives and memories!

      You;re hilarious...writing about running and soup...but Sue that IS a memoir...truly!

      Yes the wkshop IS fun and encouraging!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop in, Sue!
      Take care and see you soon.

  4. You have a real gift for words! The poem was so beautiful. One of the nicest things I've read in a while. Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!

    1. How kind of you, Kathy. Coming from you, that means a lot. I appreciate your kind words.

      Thenks for visiting!

  5. I grew up in Colorado, but attended college in Texas, so I drove through Kansas many times! You capture the sights of that state so eloquently. It makes me miss being out in that part of the country.
    (Visiting from the Thrive @ Home link-up.)

    1. Awww, thank you, Shannon....How kind of you!
      I appreciate your visit; thanks so much for stopping in!

  6. Replies
    1. Esther
      Thank you so much!
      I appreciate your visit!

  7. What a beautiful post! Thanks for linking up with Field Trip Friday. I always enjoy reading about your family's adventures. :-)

    1. Thank YOU, Lisa! Always love your visits, friend.

      Thanks for the kind words and for hosting the HFH hop.

  8. Chris,
    So happy that you joined us this week for Worth Revisiting! My grandpa was a poet, and I also love to put pen to paper when the Spirit leads. ;) God bless and hope to "see" you again soon!


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