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Algebra SOS: Our Resources, Links, Materials and God + Algebra

I'm not sure if anyone's ever actually died of algebra.
I'm afraid to look into this too deeply, for fear of truly finding out.
When  I do <ack>  get myself and, most importantly, my son ( ! ) 
 through the curriculum and
successfully  mastering the concepts this school year,
I'll be by this lake,
subject of many of our vacation pics and blog posts:

with a pitcher of white zin, and  a massive feeling of accomplishment, 
come summer 2014.
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Until goes:
My son is in grade 8 and  while he'd be taking algebra anyway this year, 
we've decided to  "accelerate" him into
the curriculum for which he'll take the state test, the Regents exam, in June.
Here's the Board of Regents website, with a focus on algebra,
 for my NYS friends and readers.
For out of staters, maybe you might use this as just one more
additional resource for practice examples?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's  heavy in common core.
Well, whatever we think of the substandardization that CC is bringing down the pike,
we still need to master the material, right?
So let's do that.

We plan to enroll him in high school next school year and since he is learning algebra and Earth Science at home ( the latter, with my hubby as this is his area)
he'll take both of those tests and then enter high school in the "advanced" track.
Okay, so lots to say about that and to worry about too,
( though I think I've done a pretty good job of hiding my stress
over being an inadequate higher level math teacher where my son's concerned).
At mass today, Father said this in his homily, as he
discussed the Gospel,
"Fear is the absence of Faith."
Since I'm algebra-obsessed,
 I took this to mean that he was specifically telling me
I should  look to the Lord to give me what I need 
to not only conquer the course but make these numbers dance poetically.
It put things in perspective.

So, let's focus on the path to success this year with a plan, with great resources and
most importantly, with Faith.

Please jump in and share any resources which you've used 
and can recommend with assurances!
 Believe me, I am wide open to tips and advice!
Thank you for that!

Here is a listing of resources we're using this school year.

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Ok, I have to say that I AM an amazon affiliate.
 I am not affiliated with any of the other companies to which I link here. 
I'm really just linking to them because I'd like to make it easier 
for my readers to click to the source and get more info.

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As our spine:

Math U See Algebra (student text)
Math U See teacher edition
Test booklet
Algebra/decimal inserts
The entire set of Algebra 1 MUS is found here.

Product Details

 Product Details
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Resources for ME to obtain concept-background 
and presentation tips:

Bob Miller's 
Algebra For the Clueless

I LOVE LOVE the Bob Miller series!! 

You must check out Bob's series. 
He breaks every topic into fundamental,
manageable pieces of info.

Algebra 1 pub by Holt

The above is really intended for whole classroom instruction,
 as it contains overhead transparencies....
BUT, the ideas and unique presentation of concepts drew me in....
so, we put the overhead on the table between us and use it that way.
It can be adapted and it works out fine.
There are literally 92 "Lesson Openers" throughout the book 
on every topic imaginable within 
the realm of algebra. 
It is REALLY worth looking into.
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Ancillary materials for review /
 additional practice problems:

Algebra DeMystified

Algebra 1 Abeka

Algebra 1 Glencoe

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~Some Fun Resources In Which to Spend Algebra Time~

Fred's Home Companion: Algebra

Life Of Fred Beginning Algebra
as Serious as it Needs to Be

If you don't know Life of Fred, you should!
Go get a LOF book and have fun!

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~Review books for year end assessments~

Integrated Algebra
Barron's Review Course Series

Front Cover

Algebra Schaum's Easy Outlines

Front Cover

And, again, here is the link to past  NYS tests, presented by the 
Office of State Assessment.
These can be used as additional review!

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~ Algebra DVDs we've used and liked~

Math Relief!
( click for their site)

The Standard Deviants - Algebra Adventure

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Friends, thank you so much for stopping in today to take a peek 
at our journey and spend a little time here in my space!
Perhaps some of this info has been helpful to you on your quest
 to master algebra in your homeschool as well!
I'd love to hear from you if you have time to comment.

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Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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  1. I think my first son died from Algebra! LOL, BUT he made a great come back after Geometry, doing Alg II (with Teaching Textbooks!!); We did Saxon back then, so I do depend upon the Saxon Teacher DVDs if we need to "see" or understand something different, while currently using Abeka Algebra 1; my 9th grade son is zipping through it with 100% on quizzes and tests, and I predict he will move into Alg II well before 9th grade is finished. He loves the math and wants to get in as many maths as possible -- so who I am to argue with that?!?! Ha! Or hold him back? no way..!

    A very handy book I came across for all things Algebra, is this one:

    Algebra to Go

    It's a Handbook, and has so much help in it - like a reference book for Algebra.

    Thanks for all the resources and best wishes to you/son on conquering Algebra!!!

    1. Denise, thanks for the TT suggestion, as well as the ref book...will check it out right now~! And good for your son for sailing through the concepts!
      That is wonderful!

      Have a great day...see you around the blogosphere!


  2. Algebra is always a difficult subject, since it was difficult for me. Thanks for all the resource ideas!

    Personally, I've used Saxon Algebra 1/2 with the DIVE CDs, and Key to Algebra, both with pretty good success. I've graduated 4 so far, and have 3 more to go! No, we haven't died of Algebra, but I think by then, I'll be pretty sick of it! ;)

    Thanks again for the encouragement!

    1. Wow, yes I imagine you would be pretty full of algebra by then!

      Thank you so much for the suggestions, Lisa and for stopping by!

  3. Great resources. We are tacking both Algebra 1 and Geometry this year. I'm using Abeka DVD for Algebra 1 with Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 (I started her on TT Alg 1 just 3 weeks before the Abeka DVD). Then with Geometry we are using Thinkwell (which isn't working out too well) with Teaching textbooks. I believe I will redo Geometry with Abeka after she finishes with Teaching Textbooks.

    1. Thank you Nita...I think TT might be a good avenue for me to pursue!

      I appreciate your tips and taking the time to comment with suggestions:)

      Thanks for that!

  4. Thank you for sharing! We just started reading the first Life of Fred. It's an interesting way to look at math :)

    I found you post at Domestically Divine Tuesday.

    1. Thank you, Missy!
      I DO enjoy LoF books as well!

      I appreciate your visit!

  5. I don't homeschool, but I do help my children with their homework and aaaghhh! You know that saying "If you don't use it you lose it." It applies to algebra too. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.


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