Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Giveaway: Ultimate Homeschool Planner 2013

Hi there friends and welcome!
I'm happy you stopped by for the giveaway 
and I hope you'll click around and stay while.

You may remember my post,
in which I referred to a  planner  I intended on utilizing this  year,

Well, I purchased the planner here on amazon and boy was I over the moon
with new-homeschool-year-enthusiasm  when it arrived!
I am definitely a planner junkie, as I've mentioned here on my blog.
I carry 'em around.......
I prop color coded calendars on window sills here and there...
 And of course,  since a homeschool mom needs a spot to record plans,
 goals, book lists, daily accomplishments and the like....
 I really thought this would fit the bill.
And I really really liked it.
The ease of the spiral binding; 
the pockets on the inside covers for sticking papers needed that week; 
even a thorough and welcoming note from the author.

Comprehensive and even brimming with biblical references
 and motivational quotes, 
it's  not working for me.

Let me show you a few pictures of the planner so you can see it  for yourself.
I really tried to adapt my method of note keeping
to it, but to no avail.  ~~ ~

So, I'm reverting to my tried and true system of record keeping and planning 
with a  teacher-planner...
I know, I know,
dull and dry as dirt though that may be.....
it does fit my recording style and has, for many years,
as a homeschool mom and a teacher, pre Mommy.

Rather than let my copy of the
 Ultimate  Homeschool Planner sit and collect dust, I'm guessing that 
someone out there reading,
some homeschool mom who's heard of it and just never 
 wanted to go to the expense of buying it,  
would like to get her planner-addict hands on it!
I am happy to oblige you!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is:
1. Subscribe, if you do not already.
Scroll to the top left sidebar and type your email in.
Do not forget to immediately check your email 
so you can "verify" your subscription and activate arrival of my posts in your inbox.
But you've done this a million times; so you know what I'm talking about.

2. Jot me a  comment below letting me know you want in.

Easy, easy.:)

Entry for the giveaway will be open til Monday night., Sept. 23nd.
The winner will be drawn at random the old fashioned
and announced here early next week.
Once I secure mailing details, 
I'll get the planner out so the lucky homeschool Mom 
can have the planner in hand asap.

Good luck!

Thanks for stopping in  and spending some time here in my space!

Until next time,



  1. Thank you so much for offering this. It wold help out tremendously!

  2. Ooh, this looks lovely, thank you! I would love to win ;)
    child of mary 2002 at yahoo dot com

  3. I subscribed using the email This would be great to have to keep my schedule all in one place!

  4. I subscribed, thanks. I'm trying to get organized this year.

  5. could really use this, it makes my nerdy heart happy :)

  6. I subscribed. Organizing homeschool is a challenge for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. it sounds like you have some takers for the planner. May it go to a good home. :)

  8. Would love to try it. Thanks!

    Subscribed with proverbialhomemaker at gmail dot com

  9. So much fun! Thank you for recognizing that you won't use it and choosing to give it away instead of throwing it in the garbage. Kudos to you! I just subscribed and would love to be entered to win. Be blessed!

  10. This seems like a very detailed planner, I have visited her sight a few times and have been thinking about purchasing one. Thank you for your generosity! I did subscribe.

  11. Chris, I want it! I've subscribed...I think I may have already been?

    I'm so excited! I hope I win!

  12. I'm subscribed! I love that you are giving this away and blessing someone instead of just throwing it out. (of course I'd like to be that someone lol)

  13. I subscribed! I have no idea what I'm doing organizationally, so I am game for trying this!

  14. I subscribed. I would love to have a planner this year. I need something to keep me more organized. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I subscribed, would really benefit from a homeschool planner to help me get organized I'm no good at it, but learning. thanks.

  16. I'm a subscriber--and an office-supply addict. Calendars and pens are my weakness.

  17. I subscribed :) I teach a weekly PSR class and could really use something to help me keep that organized!

  18. Heard about you through FB page. So I subscribed and have checked out your site - like your links as well!
    I will understand if you don't ship to Canada - but if you do I would love this!
    I am an office supply junkie and each year before school starts up I am at Staples buying every $1 deal or 10cent deal etc... I have enough lined paper, pencils, pens, erasers, to choke a horse though now my kids do more and more work on the computer!

  19. I'm looking for a way to keep track and keep myself organized. I saw this planner at a convention and considered it, but was waiting to order it. This would certainly be a blessing:)

  20. I have been looking for a way to keep myself organized and my planning together. I saw this at a convention and considered it, but was waiting to order it. This would certainly be a blessing to our family :)

  21. Would love to give this a try! I'm still looking for that perfect organizational tool.

  22. I would love to win this! I subscribed too!

  23. I already subscribed too, I love to organize all of my stuff. This is not actually different in Homeschool Programs which is to guide you and remind you of what they prefer task for that day. I really loved reading your blog.


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