Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Tree Art ~ Artful Friday

Hi there friends and welcome to another Artful Friday!
One night last week, 
my little guy decided to raid the bins in the "craft closet"
to create "something that 's fun  and 
doesn't have to do with anything we are studying."
(his words)
I guess that means I need to step back and just enjoy art for art's sake,
not always tie it in to a unit study?

Well, he came up with this  lovely work of art
and was surprised when we all LOVED it because of its
unique Autumn-and-yet-not-Autumn look, 
given the colors he chose!
Really different.

He wasn't sure it was even a "keeper," as he says.

Pretty, right?

He calls if "Autumn Tree Art" and on the artist's go-ahead,
 I'm  sharing his how-to,
along with the easy supplies needed...most of which you likely have on hand.

I didn't snap any shots of him working on the piece, 
though I do the items listing individually, below.

Here's a close up~

And, the supplies that he used, along with 
 their easy purchase, are here:
At times, I do get my crafty fix  at Michael's, 
especially when I get a hold of their 40% off coupons.
I also tend to get craft staples at amazon because of their value and ease, though.

Canvas Panel -


Product Details

set of 5

Tacky Glue
I love this stuff and it can be purchased so inexpensively here,
 if your supply is low.

Bag of Buttons

4 ounces/hundreds of buttons included, 
in case you don't have any around:

The How-To:

1. Black paint over entire canvas.
2.White tree branches and trunk over wet black paint.
3. Tons of buttons scattered over branches in whatever creative design strikes you.
4. Dry flat for about 24 hours.

I suggested the  spraying  of some iridescent glitter over the surface, 
but the artist didn't go for the idea. 
He'd like to create another one with glitter and leave this one alone. 
So, maybe we'll be back with more pictures of that creation at some point!

Thanks, friends, for stopping in to my spot on the web today!
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  1. Oh, this is WONDERFUL! Thank you SO SO much for including the Amazon links... they will be getting an order from me pronto. This is an activity for my granddaughter and me to share... and I'll be checking back through all of your crafts posts (probably before I place that order!) to see what I might have missed along the way. I'll check the linked blogs also for ideas - I'm always looking for crafty things for a 7 year old. Hooray!

    1. Nancy
      SO happy you like it and find it will be a fun activity with your granddaughter! Can't wait to see pictures!!
      Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your time with her, Nancy!

  2. This looks so fun and festive! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Pinning it too! :)

    1. Thanks Tra!!
      It iS fun and easy too!

      Thanks friend.

  3. I love this idea--your son is all kinds of amazing!! I'm pinning it to my (CarlaINHouston) Fall & Apples board!

    1. Aw, thanks Carla! So good of you to visit and THANK YOU too for the kind words!

  4. Hi Chris, I love this! I'm going to try it with my son. We are always looking for fun crafts to do. I can't believe he wasn't sure if it was a "keeper"!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, thanks Candace!. How sweet of you!

      I appreciate your visit and I look fwd to "seeing" you around the blogosphere again this week!

  5. Takes on a Kandinsky's Circles type feel! And, It's definitely a keeper!

    1. Hey, clever....I had not thought of that! Thanks for pointing that out and for your kind words!

      Take care!

  6. I love your son's artwork and creativity Chris - awesome use of all those buttons!

    Thanks for inspiring us this week at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!

    1. Thank you so much, friend! I appreciate the visit!

  7. Beautiful Art! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley, for visiting and for the kind words!!

  8. Love it! I have a thing for buttons ;) I'm going to see if my son wold like to make one.

    1. Annie,
      Love to see how it turns out!!

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it!

  9. Nicely done! Did he start with a black canvas or a white one? I have some black canvases I'm planning to use later this year.

    1. Hi Shecki~~
      I replied on your G+ page, but in case you did not see it...thank you for asking!!
      He began with white canvas and painted it black...then glued buttons.

      Thanks for visiting too! I really appreciate it!


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