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Early October Daybook: Autumn Decor, Circumference, St Francis, Birthday Celebration 10/5/13

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the web!

So last Friday/Saturday it was as if I was hit with a ton of  bricks....
Midday on Friday after feeling fine all day and after a full day of school and 
housekeeping, I was out with Timmy at the music store getting
a string replaced on his violin when, wham......
Boy did I feel miserable.
Like a bolt out of the blue. 
Maybe it was a  bug going around because
Kev was hit with it Sunday too.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to write my weekly 
journal due to being completely wiped out...
Though I was able by 1:00 on Saturday, 
to get to the boys' soccer game. 
They did well and had tons of fun....each almost scored a goal.
Oooooh, so close!
Honestly, my eyes were closing, even with all 
the excitement on the field,
 in that final quarter.
 But I did make it through!
SO, this week,
I'll combine two weeks' worth of our photos and activities.....
I did miss it and enjoyed reading a few others' when I was up to it!

What fun to journal the week's events and to read others' journeys along the way as well!
The  routine of reflecting upon  my week
 through the help of the daybook/journal prompts has been so helpful to me
in sorting thoughts and keeping organized!


In our homeschool this week~
Oh my. Two weeks of what-have-we-covered is a lot. Let me recap it for you, in no particular grade level, chronological and sensible order.
Order of operations, grouping symbols math properties, basic algebraic functions, circumference, fractional parts of a number operations with fractions, WWII breaks out, the War of 1812, Simpon Bolivar liberates South America, Latin, English grammar, the American short story, matter, elements chem and phys changes...lots more.......

The liturgical year/feast days.....
Yesterday for the Feat of St Francis, we read his bio, discussed how our amazing Pope Francis is also "rebuilding" the Lord's house, learned more about the Papal insignia and created this craft for my little man's favorite saint:

For more ideas on celebrating St Francis ( actually on saints in general and the liturgical year, ) please click to Jennifer's site. I printed the picture of our beloved saint from her blog, Catholic Inspired.

You can also print out tons of papal info, which we read along with St Francis bio in this book,

Sorry this one's sideways.....having a really hard time flipping it!

A few pictures at our church  for
 The Blessing of the Animals 
on St Francis's feast day~

We love our RES!
That "girl" has personality!
Who knew reptiles could be so darn cute!!?? 
She comes when we call her; she knows her name;
 she falls asleep in our hands!

It's become tradition that the boys have her blessed each October 4th.

My best read  on the web this week...... 
I just adore Candace of  Candace Creates! ...I wish we Candace and I  could get together in "real life" too as she has become such a wonderful friend!  What a sweetheart. You likely do know her blog, but if not, go check out this absolutely beautiful Artsy House with Scripture Verse. Oh my goodness.....go look. Wouldn't that make the best gift...and a gift for yourself as well!? 
I. Love. It.
Thank you Candace for sharing yourself and your creativity!!
The web is a better place because of the kindness of so many and 
Candace is  one of these awesome people! 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share...
Circumference!!!  You must must read  Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi. You must! Do you own it? Reserve it from your library now. Really. If they don't have it,  click here and add it to your home library!  Then go bake up a storm, measure, enjoy and PI will come to life in your kitchen before your very eyes. You don't need fancy worksheets. Just get your backing on, grab a ruler, paper and pencil and start multiplying by 3.14!
 C = Pi (d) 

Read, enjoy the silly story with Queen Di of Ameter as  well as Geo and Sym of Metery! Bake cookies, cupcakes...we even figured the circumference of the cheesecake we baked ( below) Everything round in your house is game.
Another tip........Figure the inverse too. Take the circumference of the item and divide by Pi to get the diameter!
Have fun!


My favorite thing this week ...
...had to  be celebrating the hubby's birthday. October 2 is his day.......
Gifts from our travels this summer plus a collage of our cross trip; homemade dinner and cheesecake; cupcakes for his soccer team which had practice that evening, too.
A few shots:

I'm really not exaggerating when I say that my little man, 10 years old, makes
the best soup we've ever tasted. 
I wish I could bottle it up and share it with you.
Chicken, celery, carrots, green peppers, onion.  

The birthday boy came home just in time to see the chef at work and 
round up two of his team members ( ! )  for soccer practice.

The finished product!
This was just the serving bowl. He practically made a vat of it.
(Can I tell you that within 24 hours, there were no leftovers?)

.....from San Francisco

Alcatraz pot holder.
The hubby likes to cook too.

The two of us with that yummy cheesecake. SO so easy to make.
Graham cracker crumb crust, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla.
The topping is just a can of cherry in a fancy bowl.
Yummy and simple but festive.
We all enjoyed a mid week celebration! Tons of fun.


Things I’m creating...
Well, trying to: a warm welcoming haven for my family as Fall descends. The calendar does read that it;s Autumn and hey, the temps are still soaring into the high 70s and low 80s ! Hey, I'll take it. It feels more like summer than summer! Since we're into October now, I really wanted to pick up the pace on Fall cleaning and decorating.  One night after schoolwork and dinner, I headed to my October boxes and unloaded all the little touches to place around. We're in pretty good shape now with the decorating, though I feel like we still have a bit too much "clutter." Try as I might the school effects and sporting equipment keep making their way around a bit too much.
Here are a few pictures of our Fall decor so far:

Front door mums

We bought these macabre purple lights at a yard sale upstate.
They look pretty ( and spooky) at night.

My double window in the kitchen. 
The orange lights are actually candy corns! 
I bought that beautiful cross that reads
"Faith"  at Micheal's last year in early Fall. 
It will stay up there for the Fall months until I 
begin decorating for Christmas.

I thought these shots were pretty neat.
This is a decorative column we bought for a dollar at a thrift store years ago. 
It was gold leaf painted and chipped. 
We cleaned it up, scraped it and painted it white!
On the left, is a shot of the sun bursting into the house in late afternoon 
through the front doors
( you can see the reflection of  the skeletons we have hanging on the double doors there.)
On the right, is the column with the jack o lantern lit.

I do love the Fall though. By all accounts, we'll be cocooning a bit more; we'll have those candles glowing at dusk and on gloomy school mornings' we'll settle under blankets and read...Doesn't it seem and I don't know how this is possible when I'm  with them all day...that there is never enough time to actually read read read? I need to carve out more "read for the sake of good literature" time not just "read this to fit the curriculum" time.


I’m grateful for... 
It may sound trivial, but....Zyrtec.
After literally six weeks of broken sleep, itchy nose, watery eyes and constant sneezing.....I finally decided to succumb to the OTC allergy medicine aisle. My kids suffer as well; so I called their pediatrician to ask for advice on what we should/take/etc..... He thought we were nuts for not going down this road sooner...and he's verrrrry conservative in terms of prescribing. In fact each of my kids has only been on antibiotics ONCE. And that was last year.  So, yeah, breathing easy and sleeping better!


~~ by Galileo 
I do need to keep perspective on the beauty of learning, of numbers, of recognizing that my kids learn differently than I do and  acting upon it...not insisting that they conform to my "way," though they do need to conform to our standards. It's hard, isn't it, not to regulate every detail, but yet to maintain rhythms and levels of acceptance in work...well, it's hard for me. Learning all the time. 
Also, thankful to friends. We need each other on this journey! Social media is indeed a blessing and a curse, is it not? To be able to check in for just 3 minutes in mid day for a little adult contact or reach out to someone on the same road to maintain sanity?  My dear friend, Lisa, talked me down off a ledge ( well not really but you know what I mean) last week after I had a particularly trying day. Week. And how? Encouragement. A reminder  to start with prayer and move forward. Thank you girlfriend. And thanks to you all,  my friends..... 

My posts for the past two weeks....

(You must check out the video K made!!)


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  1. Wow Chris! Thank you so much for your encouragement, friendship, and helping me spread the word about my new little blog! You are such a great example to follow. I love reading all of your posts about your precious sons and seeing what a great mom you are. Being a mom is my favorite job of all and I so appreciate women like you to emulate. I would LOVE to hang out in real life too! Someday... Much love to you friend!

    1. What a lovely comment, friend!''

      You made my day, as always.

  2. I just love this post with all of the special gifts, decorations and love! And, thank you SO much for the mention. You are SUCH a wonderful friend and inspire me! We just have to get together someday!

    1. Aw, thank YOU, girlfriend.....

      Keep those great posts keep me going, you know!

  3. Looks like you guys had a fantastic couple weeks! You did so much!!! My kids (ok, my oldest) are just starting to want to cook! How old were yours when they started?? (Like doing 90% themselves....because mine bake or mix things but they really want to cook!)

    1. Hi there!~
      Thanks for stopping in and for the kind words!

      My little guy began cooking at about age 8... making omelettes and such...! It's messy, isn't it though? I need to adjust my level of neat/clean when they cook!

      Thanks for the comment!!
      See you around the blogosphere soon!

  4. I am SO going over to our library homepage to see if I can get my hands on that book... our 12 year old would love it! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Elisabeth, that's great! So happy you discovered something that might be helpful/fun/practical!
      I think you'll really enjoy will your son!
      The author has a number of other books, math-related as well that you might like!

      Thank you for stopping in!

  5. Aww hope you're feeling much better it's no fun when you are feeling ill. Wow you have been so busy lots of fun :-) sorry I'm last shopping by grr computer problems. Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays. ...

    1. Oh, no worries, Claire! I'm thrilled that you even take the time to come visit, as you have so so many linking at your hops! You're amazing!

      Hope the comp issues get resolved!!

      Thanks for the visit!


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