Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Riotous Montauk Daisies, As They Bloom: Wordless Wednesday

~Our front yard~
We know Autumn is really here and it's indeed time
to let go of Summer  when these beauties come to life....

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  1. Chris,

    I love daisies. Yours look magnificent! A sign of autumn... Our magnolia bushes have just bloomed. For us, that is a sign of spring!

    1. Isn't that amazing?! In 6 mos, I'll be posting our magnolia shots!! Love magnolia so much!
      Thank you, Sue, for stopping in!

  2. Beautiful flowers and photos! I planted some of these last year and love them too. They are amazing. :) Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Jamie, for stopping in!

      Have a lovely day as well...

  3. Daisies are my absolute favorite flowers! I had them in my wedding bouquet, on the cake, and in my daughter's hair that day. Yours are amazing! I am dying to come pick some. I didn't do so great with mine this year. I am much better at planting flowers than keeping them alive. Forgetting to water them kills them every time...

    1. Wow, perfect that you could have your favorite flowers at your wedding!

      I did not start really loving Montauk daisies until we moved into our house and found that despite the previous owners ignoring them, they thrived! They are really hardy!

      Thanks for stopping in Candace!

  4. Daisies are my favorite! I love these montauk daisies. We have shastas in our front flower bed, but I think I need to add these in too. Thank you for sharing with us.


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