Saturday, November 30, 2013

3 Reasons I Love Advent

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Traditions. Traditions. Traditions.
My three reasons.

But seriously....... 
       When I reflect upon, deeply ponder, what I love most about Advent~  the rituals, the "things" of Christmas,  the love that we roll out Thanksgiving weekend in crates of memories, decades of memories......Nativity figures, which my parents were gifted by a close friend for their October 1943 wedding and which Mom gave to us for our first Christmas; perfect, square little boxes I meticulously chose seventeen years ago to house ornament favors I made for our Christmas wedding; garland, wreaths and even maddeningly tangled but sentimental lights; the boys'  painted plaster ornaments from thirteen - and eleven- years of their Christmases;  a  1977 Holly Hobbie ceramic plate...these are some of  them.  As well as the atmosphere of anticipation in which I feel my family wrapped for those four weeks,  well how to narrow my three most favored Advent customs? Not easy, but all focus on family.

     All of my 3 reasons have one in common...and that is uninterrupted, unfettered family time. That living-in -the- white- space, not just in the margins of our lives, but truly carving out time for living in the now. By erasing activities from the calendar and consciously eschewing commitment from the outside that beckons during this season. Unless, of course, it is commitment that, as a family, will enhance our advent, our time of preparation for the Savior's birth.  The world doesn't stop for our liturgical seasons, but that sports and theater, huge things for my kids, are put on hold during December. They're not star athletes and so their seasons (happily) end by Thanksgiving. And as for the shows, as performance dates approach and rehearsal schedules step up, no choice role is worth a hell week in the midst of Advent. We 've learned over time and insanity through years of involvement in community theater. So any show being stage in December or January is not a show for which they audition in October or November. It's looking ahead with realization that heavy stage commitments cannot impose on what is left of our kids' childhood advents. I want them to look back in a decade, three, five and more..... and remember the calm and the introspection of Advent and to create their own as adults.  Calm, not crazy.
So my "3 Reasons" are each different, but each woven with family and with time and with anticipation of the greatest Gift we have ever been given:

 ~ 1 ~
Our Advent wreath




~ 2 ~
Our Jesse Tree

(for more on our Jesse Tree Traditions and super easy
resources and printables, click to my recent post,)


~ 3 ~
Our O Antiphons

For more on the O Antiphons and the ways in which we celebrate each,
you are welcome to visit these posts:
And some  history of the O Antiphons

Some photos of our O Antiphon "studies"

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  1. Thanks for sharing your three reasons to love Advent, Chris. I should really make time to pray with the O Antiphons this year. You inspire!

    1. Anne, I so appreciate your visit and comment! THANK YOU for the kind words and have a wonderful advent!

  2. I love all the photos. Thank you so much for linking.

    I really really like what you said in the intro about carving out time for NOW and living in the white space. I am not naturally inclined to do that which is one of the reasons I love Advent so much. It's a practice!

    Have a very joyful Advent, Chris!

    1. Micaela ~ Thanks so much, friend, for stopping in! Yes, it is a practice, isn't it? Great way to put it!

      Enjoy your advent, as well and thanks for hosting!

  3. Wonderful reflection!
    And I will so be back to read those O antiphon posts!!

    1. Thank you, Joy!
      How kind...I look forward to your visit and I'll be over to your home on the web as well !

  4. I too loved the idea of carving out time for now. As a busy homeschooling mama, it is so, so very easy to get caught up in the stuff that needs to be done everyday and forget to take time to just enjoy now.

    It's one of the best things about Advent and Lent that I love, the practice of stopping, reflecting, waiting and in NOW all while focusing on Him and what He wants me to see and learn.

    So glad you are joining us this season while we Seek Him.


  5. You are truly inspiring, Chris. Thank you for sharing this with us on the homeschoollinkup!

    1. Aw,Lisa, you made my day...I don't think of myself as inspiring at all; so I truly thank you! I'm loving the links over at your weekly hop! And I so enjoy visiting your home on the web.....thanks for stopping by!
      Be well.


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