Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ~ 2013

...And may it be wonderfully memorable!

I love Norman Rockwell......
Don't you??

I'm blessed to say that I'm thankful for
 many things today..... and every day, really.
But I'm stopping in to thank YOU, readers and friends,
for helping to create a community here that is receptive, warm,
interactive and welcoming!
You've made this past ( almost)one year of blogging
a truly wonderful experience and one which has added
a certain richness to my life.
Thank. You.

Enjoy your day!

And, friends,  if you have not entered my giveaway for one
please do so right here.

Please come back tomorrow for 7 Quick Takes
which detail in one post
 giveaways, deals, 
Cross Catholic's art for the impoverished  
and  advent linky love....
Because I feel like I need to gather all
my recent "preparing for advent, giveaways AND service details" 
in one place to make them more
easily accessible!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,


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