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Journal/Catholic Woman's Almanac 11/2/13~ Halloween Fun, Candy Graphing, A Study of E.E. Cummings and More

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In our homeschool this week~  We reeeeeeally tried to get back into a routine after my being laid up last week and succeeded to a degree....moved through math, science, history. Beat some grammar and punctuation rules to death and did a few fun Halloween-ish activities as well as a mini poetry unit of study on E.E. Cummings, who's probably rolling over in his grave that I'm capitalizing his name. Can't help it. Lack of punctuation kills me.
Here are a few things we did and next week, if I can swing some time to blog details,  I'll be very happy to share it all along with printables.

"HAUNT" ( a Halloween version of Bingo that I created)


Math fun ~ an activity I created a million years ago when I was a classroom teacher, involving prediction, hypothesis forming, date collecting and then graphing candies.Not necessarily Halloween-ish...but we certainly did have the candy on hand. And what's a homeschooler to do with all those bags of goodies? Why, math, of course!!


A homeschool tip or piece of advice to share~
I snuck some poetry into our Halloween right after game time; the kids were into the uninhibited phrasing of E. E. Cummings. We never read his works before and took the opportunity to explore the life, times and influences of this American poet......
"Halloween Poetry"
1. You likely have a collection of American lit on your shelf so there's no need to head to the library or order anything to obtain some of E.E. Cummings's works. I still have my well read and dog eared Norton Anthologies, to which I refer often. A couple of his poems will be in there.

2.Here's some easy to access online info on Cummings as well.

3. This is just plain whimsical and fun to read in a variety of ways as well as to illustrate...
Get your hands on a copy of Hist Whist and have a ball~

Trick or Treating fun~ 

 ~Pirate zombie~
Far cry from last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
So many were living with devastation around here.
No electric or gas for 11 days...
actually the gas shortage went on even longer than that.....
Halloween 2012 was really the Halloween that wasn't.
Sad times for many.
All we personally lost?
Just some tree limbs/trunks and power for a week and half.

This week in faith~
*Attending mass  for All Saints' Day on Friday and today, for All Souls..... What a lovely way to jump start the day. 
*Remembering our lost loved ones today on All Souls Day. We do miss Mom and Dad quite a bit. My kids never got to meet mu husband's parents or my Mom. But we do speak of them often and keep the memories alive through story. I write about my Mom and Dad quite often here.
*One more thing: I'm sure you know Catholic Icing....if you missed Lacy's amazing post, Celebrating the Liturgical Year in November, you're in luck! Just click over for some terrific ideas! 
*I'm also beginning to organize our faith basket for Advent so that I'm not scrambling on Thanksgiving weekend. I'll be blogging some of our Advent resources...books and such that we love and go to each December.

I'm grateful for~Soooo many things:
*Health! Yay, feeling better all the time.
*And the ability to try to keep perspective when things fall apart. Which they often do. This space, this little blog of mine, has been a go-to spot for me. I need it. Boy do I need this blog....... 've been reading a lot lately around the blogosphere.....Some bloggers who feel that others are not being quite honest and are painting a bit of a rosy and unrealistic picture of their home lives. One thing to keep in mind though, is that we bloggers only share a glimpse of our lives. Snapshots. Oh there are unpleasnatries and many of them. I'm all for honesty in writing. But sharing publicly the idiosyncrasies of such, to me, is tantamount to whining. It's also a violation, I'd say, of a family's privacy. There are forums for such encouragement and while I do enjoy reading those blogs and applaud the writers for their candor,  I don't necessarily feel that in this space, that is what I am called to do.
* YOU~ The community of readers here and throughout blogland is so richly supportive, kind and encouraging. How lucky and blessed are we to have this amazing technology with which to share, interact and befriend people around the corner and around the world?  Speaking of which, my one year blogoversary is on the horizon next month and I will be giving away a dozen ( because I began my blog on 12/12/12) absolutely lovely religious goodies. And yes, they are Our Lady of Guadalupe-related! I so look forward to beginning the giveaway in a few weeks.

I'm creating~ a warm, Fall atmosphere here at home.  Jack O Lanterns, witches and all our lovely Halloweenish decor comes down this weekend. Up go the pilgrim, turkey and harvest goodies. I am definitely one for seasonal decorations!
~plans for my littlest's birthday party in just three weeks. Anyone planning on a Doctor Who themed party?? First of all, don't make an invitation. This is my second go-round with a Whovian theme. Just email me and I'll send you ours. No need to reinvent the wheel. We actually have a couple of really cute things in that invitation. Hey it only took about three hours to write, word process and edit!! 
  Whovian friends: I'm looking for a craft/activity for the party. The Doctor Who pinterest board ideas are beyond my time and creativity limits.And, bear in mind, none of the party guests are DW the activities need to be simple and not based on a knowledge of Whovian trivia 
My creative, Hsing Mom friend, Denise, gave me a "Don't Blink" freeze tag dance idea. Any other ideas, welcome! Thank you.
All food, treats and favors covered. We have everything from fish fingers and custard to Adipose marshmallows, cyberman chocolates, gummy pilot fish, Roboform brownie Christmas trees and Bow Ties are Cool Pasta to the dalek cake planned out. Eleven Galifreyan dishes for the 11th to find some time to carry this out....... 

I'm praying for~ Last week, I asked you to join in prayer for our family friend, Tim, who was fighting for his life. He is the nephew of a dear, close friend. The prognosis was not good. At all. Now? His doctors are stumped. There's no medical reason why...he is doing better!! And the power of prayer. THANK YOU for joining in prayer for Tim who seems to have turned a corner and now has some options for recovery!
How great is that? God is good.

From the kitchen~ easy, easy. Grilled meats, broiled veggies. Pasta. Pizza one night.
Next week's recipe fun? Apples apples apples. Planning on apple crisp and caramel apples.
My posts this week~

Daybook: Catholic Woman's Almanac~ The Hospital Edition 10/26/13

Next week~ Violin lessons, orchestra rehearsal, soccersoccersoccer ( two weeks and the season is over) Moving through each curricular area in depth and thoroughly so that during advent we may be able to slow things up and focus on celebrating the season. Ortho appointment, election day lessons,  a mindless, fun turkey craft and hopefully finishing my son's 'matter' lapbook...Sheesh, enough already with matter. Time to move on. Tying up a few loose ends on artist and composer studies in which we're involved.

Thank you friends, thank you always,
for spending some of your precious time here at my spot on the web.

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  1. Your grateful portion resonated with me. I feel the exact same way. I actually posted about it. I rarely speak of some things because I only provide snapshots. I don't want to whine about every detail...that's not why I blog. I want to ... well, I wrote about it. :) I also tweeted this weekend that I am so grateful for this online community of bloggers. The support; the unadulterated support and even just the random "praying for you" has been so helpful to me.

    Just sayin'...ditto to all that!
    :) Cristina

    1. Cristina~
      I always love your visits...thank you for stopping by.
      I feel the same way about this wonderful community of bloggers....I am so blessed to be a part of it!

      Take care, friend!!

  2. Thank you for the cummings links; 'been wanting to cover that poet a bit more...

    I will have your intentions for Tim in my prayers. And God bless you and your family, too.

    1. I'm so happy that the links may come in handy! And your prayers are so appreciate by Tim's family. It's a miracle!

      Thanks forstopping in , Marcia and for your kind words!


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