Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Keep Christ in Christmas" Link up & (Optional) Follow Frenzy! Here are the Details:

Welcome friends and welcome new readers 
who may be clicking over to read about this exciting
Keep Christ in Christmas Link up! 
I am honored to be one eight hostesses
this advent for the link up......
I hope you'll  make yourself at home here!
 So, get comfortable and  grab a cup of tea while you
read up on/sign up for  
the linky carnival!
After you sign up, please feel free to click around and stay a while...

Here are all the details:
Do you want to share what your family is doing for Advent this year?
Join us in the 2nd Annual Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up 2013.

A blog link-up is where we each write a blog post on the same theme. Everyone will get links to other bloggers’ posts to multiply your reach, and to help spread the message of Keeping Christ in Christmas!

We're also going to incorporate a totally optional Follow Frenzy feature for those who want to be inspired by other people's posts, with the added benefit of getting meaningful comments and new followers to their own blogs.  You will have the option to participate in the Follow Frenzy, where you'll commit to visiting and leaving meaningful comments on 20 different blog posts that are part of the Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up 2013(and receiving 20 meaningful comments on your own blogpost!)
Please note: You don't have to participate in the Follow Frenzy, especially if reduced blog time is part of your Advent!

The link-up is open to all bloggers, particularly Catholics and Christians of all denominations who observe ADVENT. You may write about anything that pertains to the blog theme, e.g. share tips on how you and your family keep CHRIST in CHRISTMAS; stories to encourage others to do so; books and activities (even recipes!) that help you focus on Jesus throughout Advent.

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Register by filling out the registration form at the end of this post or clicking here no later than November 28, 2013 - - which is Thanksgiving Day, here in the USA. So, American bloggers, your schedules may look a bit different and abbreviated this week...but please bear in mind that we request registration by this Thursday, 11/28/13.  THANKS!

2. Write your blog post on the theme, "Keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS" in the first week of ADVENT and publish the blog post on December 1 or 2, 2013, filling out the form we will send you with the direct URL link to your blog post, no later than December 2, 2013 at noon(EST).
3. You will receive the complete list of blog post links by 3pm on December 2, 2013 (EST) 
for you to add at the bottom of your post.

4. We request that you include
at the beginning of your post:
 this button,
created by Monica


 the following introduction 
along with the hostesses' info:
"I’m participating in the KEEP CHRIST in CHRISTMAS Blog Link-Up 2013, 
hosted by

 We'll be sharing different ways, tips, stories and real-life experiences that will help us focus our Advent and Christmas on JESUS!
Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of link-up entries.”

Lastly, friends....please bear in mind that the  Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up 2013 is much more impressive and easily promoted if we can coordinate all the posts going live around the same time. By launching this Keep Christ in Christmas Link-up in the first week of Advent…we hope to help families focus their Advent and anticipation of Christmas…before the hectic craziness of Christmas takes over.

Kindly write about the theme provided. We do not moderate or screen posts but we do reserve the right to exclude your entry from the list of link-up participants should your post be offensive, irrelevant to the link-up theme, contain personal attacks, off-topic articles, articles that are anti-Christ or are articles aimed to market products or services.
Here's a re-cap of important dates:
1. Use this REGISTRATION FORM to register your blog by November 28, 2013
2. Publish your blog post on December 1 or 2, 2013. 
(No later than December 2 at noon EST).
3. Send in the URL to your blog post for the link-up (by filling out the LINK FORM we will send you) as soon as you publish your blog post, no later than December 2 at noon EST.
4. You will receive a final list of link-up participants as soon as it is available on December 2nd. Add the list of link-up participants to the end of your blog post by December 2, 5pm.

5. Specify in the registration form that you intend to participate in the FOLLOW FRENZY.
6. You will receive your list of blogs to visit on December 2, 2013.
7. Visit, leave meaningful comments and hopefully subscribe or follow 20 newly discovered Blogs by December 9, 2013.

Thank you very much for joining the carnival!! 
Let's all help spread the word on Keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS!

And, friends,  if you have not entered my giveaway for one
please do so right here.

And how perfect is this image that my friend, Monica, 
created for my giveaway?
Yup, the very same lovely lady who is the 
 inspiration behind this Keep Christ link up!

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  1. Chris,

    Thank you for your invitation to join in with this link up! I have registered.

    1. Terrific!! So happy you're joining in, Sue!!


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