Saturday, December 28, 2013

17 Years Ago Today~

Welcome friends!
Unbelievably, on this day, also gorgeous  and 50 - something degrees,
hubby and I married in my most picture perfect wedding ceremony 
at the church which I received all my sacraments and 
which I think is the most beautiful church in the world.
Our Lady of Lourdes in Queens.
..........followed by a  reception surrounded by about 80 friends and family.
Many people who were so so so important and inspirational 
to us at the time are now no longer with us.
Sooooo... today's a bit bittersweet, honestly.
But now we have two more people, for us to love and journey with.
We've been through a tremendous amount, the two of us in seventeen years.
The reality of a life together is better than the story book
 happily-ever-after though, is it not?
It is coming out stronger no matter the struggles and loss that are sent your way.
It is celebrating the triumphs.
Small and big.
So here are a few shots of the best wedding we have ever been to.
Beyond the wedding?
Well, much of that is shared here as well.

Hope you know how happy I am to share with you.....
Thank you for stopping in!
As always, I appreciate the precious 
 time you've spent here at my home on the web!

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  1. Chris,

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband! You were such a beautiful bride. You still are beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and 18th year together.

    May God bless you both! xxx

  2. What a gorgeous couple! Your dress looks quite a bit like the one I wore. What a handsome family you have and I loved winter weddings. Our was end of November and we had winter colors. God definitely blessed your union. Peace to you in the year to come!

  3. Happy Anniversary! May God bless you both with many more years of love, health and happiness together! Hope you had a great Christmas, too! :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary, Chris!! Beautiful pictures! You two look so happy :). I hope you and your precious family had a wonderful Christmas. It is so fun to look at wedding pictures and reminisce on your anniversary! I do it every year- never gets old!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! You get to celebrate all the way to the new year.

    1. Ladies, thank you all so very much for stopping by and for your kind words and wishes.

      I, too, love looking at friends' wedding shots, Candace!

      Love to you all....


  6. You were a beautiful bride. It's funny, I got married in June, but when looking for my dress, I wanted on in which the air conditioning would not freeze me out--and strapless dresses were not the rage in '89. When I look at bridal gowns today, they make me shiver!

    1. Thanks, RAnn!!
      Looking fwd to pics of YOU and your hubby when you share this June! Thanks for stopping by!!


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