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Schoolhouse ~ A Review

Welcome, friends!
As a member of TOS Review Crew
I have had the pleasure of enjoying, 
using with my kids and finally, of reviewing 
a truly rich homeschooling resource,

If you are not aware of the wealth of information available to homeschool families,
 just a couple of quick clicks away,
I am so happy to fill you in on some of the 
areas that you will find there, which can be used  as a supplement to,
or even a full curriculum in, several subject areas.
Their yearly membership option is extremely affordable 
and I'm happy to explain the details as to why.:

I strongly encourage any user to begin with the  intro on the right sidebar. The overview and testimonials serve to familiarize all with the intent and focus of the site as a whole. Also, I'd suggest not overlooking the site tour, which, given the enormity of this resource, is a big time saver and  extremely user friendly.

TOS and on Social Media~
If you are not connected to TOS / you'll  miss posts, news, encouraging articles and general information around family, curriculum and homeschooling in general. Here are your links so you can be in the know and receive the latest info from this site and TOS.:

Age Range/Curriculum~
From preK/elementary through high school provides a bountiful source of ideas and even full  courses for the homeschool family. 

Here's a  look at the prek/elementary offerings~
I can't even begin to tell you of the plethora of resources provided by the knowledgeable teachers and writers across the go see for yourself.....But come back for a bit more!
 Amazing, right?  Click over and  take a look at the Art Techniques lesson provided by Brenda Ellis of Artistic Here's a little preview of what Ms. Ellis is providing each week during her seasonal art lesson.:
My younger son, almost 11 years old, is seriously crafty and heavy into  learning about techniques and artists' lives and influences. The material at the art techniques tab alone intrigued him so.  I had to literally pull the sketchbook away from him to get to math! We will undoubtedly be visiting Artistic Pursuits frequently!

Before we move to the older grades, I have to share with you how thrilled I am to discover a thorough and comprehensive look at language for all types of learners at the "reading" tab. Take a look at the Reading Course Archives! A complete course in fluency, phonics, spelling, reading across the curriculum and SO much more! I can't imagine the need to look further for research and activities, and to be perfectly honest, I do speak from experience, as I'm a Reading Specialist; this is definitely my area. I am always seeking to learn more and therefore, I look closely at the Reading and Language offerings  to determine the quality of a program. certainly exceeded my expectations in this area. I cannot wait to explore their archives even further. Additionally, I downloaded...and you can too...the guide, "Fourteen Steps to Teach Dyslexics to Spell and Read."  The tips offered, through  Victoria Dyslexic Online, have been tangible and clear.  We have used a few of the suggestions already in conjunction with my dyslexic son's  other reading strategies and I am so very happy with it!

A look at the middle/high school offerings~
Initially, the course checklists appealed to me, as a method of streamlining courses as the demands of the kids' curriculum increase. I printed the monthly form and use it for my 8th grader,  who is taking a few 9th grade courses...all the more reason to be sure I'm on target, with the guidance of
Here's the SHT December month at a glance, as a sneak preview.
But go over and peruse the whole section to see what else grabs you.:

PreK-Elem Checklist image

There is SO much to love about each age level's offerings, but I need to tell you about one more.: The geology course, taught by Patrick Nurre, is exciting and engaging to  my  13 year old and  my almost 11 year old


Just this afternoon, my older son had a mineral identification lab to work on and in addition to his Earth Science Reference Tables, he took a peek at the info found in the geology course to aid him!

As you can  see, the geology course within SchoolHouseTeachers' offerings are well lived within my family and I know they will continue to be so, abundantly.

Another feature I loved~
"Dailies!"  Wow, go check this out. This is's "daily lesson zone" and it is amazingly comprehensive, incorporating such topics as daily grammar, everyday astronomy and everyday explorers! In fact, I used the middle school spelling list this week and took advantage of a couple of the activities offered to support the target words as well.

Cost of
The first month's subscription is just $3! After that, each month is $12.95 OR an entire year for $139, which is 10% off! A subscription covers course offerings for the entire family as well as downloads, printables and teacher interaction. 

TOS Reviews~
For more informative (and fun) reviews from The Old SchoolHouse Crew, please click here.

It was a pleasure to review this resource and I absolutely know that my family
will use, enjoy and reap many benefits from

Thank you, as always, for spending some of your precious time here 
at my home on the web.

Until next time,



  1. Congrats on your first review!!! I am so happy you're on this journey with me! xo

  2. You have pointed out many things I didn't think would be so fun (geography) and things I didn't see (reading archives). I can't wait to plan out the 2nd half of our school year!

    1. Well, that's great...I'm so happy that parts of the rev were worthwhile to you! I, too, am looking fwd to utilizing so many of the offerings at! I can;t wait to get started using it again after the Christmas break!
      Thanks for the visit, Amanda!

  3. We are SO looking forward to doing lessons put together by Brenda from ARTistic Pursuits!

    1. YES!! We are too, Victoria! I love how the Art course is presented as well!

      Thanks for your visit,!!

  4. I'm going to have to check out the geology section!

    1. Lisa
      I know you'll enjoy it!! It is just SO comprehensive!

      Thanks so much for your visit!

  5. Replies
    1. Jess, thanks so much, friend!
      Always love a visit from you....

  6. Congrat for being on the crew...I tried one year but couldn't keep up with all the reviews but I loved getting the opportunity often think about trying again. My hubs is a geology major too and we do lots of road side geology trips too.

    1. Aw, thank you, Anna Marie!
      Well, hopefully, I can juggle the responsibilities....I;d love you to be on the Crew'd be another chance for our paths to cross again!

      Thanks for the visit, friend!

  7. Nice job on your review! I like how you mention to not skip the tour. The site’s tour is very useful to new users :-)

    1. Hey Jill,
      Thanks for the kind words!

      I appreciate your visit. :)

  8. Yea, you're the first I've read to do the geology and it looks so much fun. You are very lucky that your husband is into this too, great educational field trips!

  9. Thanks so very much, Adena!!

    I appreciate your visit!

  10. What a comprehensive review!! Thanks for giving so many wonderful details about the courses your children tried. It's wonderful to learn opinions from you about the reading and from your husband about the geology considering your experiences in these areas. Blessings!

    1. Heather
      Happy you liked and found a few things informative.:)
      I appreciate your visit!

      Have a lovely day!


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