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Top 13 and "Mosts" Posts of 2013 (with Linky )

Hi there and welcome to my "Top 13" and "Mosts" of 2013~
Sarah, of  Amongst Lovely Things.
 Monica, of Equipping Catholic Families,
have invited their blogger friends to join in a  carnival 
of "Top" and "Mosts" posts of 2013.
Now, how much fun is that?
What a fantastic way to  revisit fellow bloggers' gems
or catch  what we may have missed throughout the year!
Thank you, Sarah and Monica for the fun and for hosting!

My"top 13"
 are memoir in feel,
 as my Memoir Monday blog hop was a huge part of my 2013 blogging life,
 posts that reflect special events in our family life,
bearing in mind that even the ordinary can be extraordinary,
posts that were just plain fun to write,
posts that reflect causes of which we are passionate,
posts that express our faith and related 
activities throughout the liturgical year,
and posts that are reader favorites.
I actually found it hard to choose only  13 
because each post has become a piece of my heart.
I remember what I felt as I wrote each and I recall
the interactions with you, my readers, 
as you spent time here, read and shared your thoughts.
Drafting this Top 10 list was a real reminder of
how very blessed I am to be a part of the blogosphere.
"Thank you" doesn't seem big enough....

So, here's my list, in absolutely no order~
I hope you can grab a cup of tea and stay awhile....
Sarah has added a  "Mosts" twist to the Top 10 lists, which is so much fun....
Look for that at the bottom!

 And blogger friends, I'm eager to get reading your Top 10!

Glacial Peaks, Alpine Creeks, Gunslingers and Gold Miners:

 How the West Was Lost

 Part 1

and please don't miss the Respect Life video that my son created
 for which he received a diocesan award,
which is in this post:
It's really beautiful--
we're so proud of him and I love sharing his work.

Of Guardian Angels and Candy:
A Mid November Daybook

Schoolroom Organization and Schedules:
Our 9th Year of Homeschooling

An additional category I'm adding after my Top 13: 
~~The "My kids work for me on the blog!!" Category~~
So here are  my favorite posts done by my kids:
 My older son, extreme pogo-er and video creator extraordinaire ( ! ) 
 created  a  cool "movie" for a Wordless Wednesday post:

...and my little guy was my guest post-er in a series of
fun and pretty popular rocket balloon making posts  for my
Artful Friday series back in June with :

Now here's a bit of a twist to the blog carnival.....
In addition to the "Top 10,"
here are a few "Mosts:"

Most clicked:

Post with the Most Comments~

Post with the Best Picture~
Wow, this was hard...but I'd say my best blogged photos are in this post....:

Post that was the hardest to write~

Post that was my personal favorite~

I SO look forward to visiting the virtual homes of old friends
and making new ones!
Please click to Sarah's right here:

...and Monica's right here:

...for more Top posts of 2013.
You can also add your link at the bottom of my post
until January 2nd.......

I am also gratefully linking this post to
The Old Schoolhouse Crew
Looking Back Carnival.
Please click over for more beautiful reflections
from Crew members!

Friends, as always,  thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time her at my home on the web!

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  1. These were great posts, it would be hard to for me to pick a top ten too. I love your travel posts because I live to travel and always keep track of new interesting places to visit

    1. Anna,
      Thank you! Love YOUR travel posts too! They're so exciting and chock full of info!

      I always appreciate your visits, friend!

  2. This is great! I'm excited to click through your list. I don't have oodles of time for blog reading anymore (gee, wonder why) so I know that I miss stuff and I love it when bloggers compile their favorite stuff for me.

    1. Love your idea Sarah!
      Thanks for hosting and for the clever fun!!

      I'm eager to read others' posts as well!

      Take care, friend, and thank you for the visit!

  3. I love the joy that shines through each of your posts, Chris. Thank you for setting up the linky, I'm about to dive in and explore!
    Happy 2014 - God Bless!

    1. Thank YOU, Lucinda for the kind words and for linking your piece!
      I'm about to grab a few minutes now to read the links!

  4. Thanks for setting this up - I linked up. My first time visiting your blog and I really enjoyed it! Will be following... And I liked reading this post and seeing all your pics - looks like your family has a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Erica! Looking forward to clicking over and reading your post! I appreciate your kind words! You made my day!

      Happy New Year!


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