Friday, January 24, 2014

7 QTs: The March, Once Upon a Time Awesomeness, Sheenazing Awards, Prayer Request & Giveaways: 1/24/14

Well, it's been quite a while since I've participated in Jen's QT linky
as I've been devoting  Friday blogging to my  Artful Friday series.
But this Friday sort of lends itself to a QT because of all the 
bits and pieces of things to share with you!

~ 1 ~
Can you please, please keep my nephew in your prayers?
Also, my brother and sister-in-law.
They could very much use them.
The efforts of you, my prayer warrior friends, are SO appreciated.
You're the best.
~~Thank you~~

~ 2 ~
The March for Life, this week?
If you're a regular reader, you know our parish bus was cancelled due to 
a major storm...20 inches of snow.
I wish I could report some amazing news and photos of the day.
We are soooo bitterly disappointed that we could
 not be there as voices for the unborn.
But let's all keep fighting the good fight, wherever we are!
A  post with some 
tangible tips on how to do just that?
Here ya go:

Last year's March and my post:

~ 3 ~

Am~ AZING new: ( ! ) 
I was nominated for a Sheenazing Award in 3 ( ! ) categories
at  Bonnie's A Knotted Life.!!
Isn't that wonderful!!??
The awards are so named in honor of Ven Fulton Sheen's 
unique use of media to spread  The Word!
And to say I'm  honored is an understatement!

Voting begins on Thursday  January 23rd~~
Go, enjoy perusing the list of nominees and discover some
amAZING ( ! ) blogs!

I'm honored by your vote in these categories:
*Best Underappreciated blog
*Best Link up Ever for Memoir Monday
*Best Lifestyle Blog
And thank you, Bonnie, for generously hosting!

~ 4 ~
Giveaway CB 14
Last week, the Catholic Bloggers' Network turned TWO and to celebrate, several of us
launched a huge giveaway. which
includes over $300 in prizes for 21 lucky winners!
We’ve  got  Catholic books, one of which,
God Moments II  includes a story penned by yours truly!
Catholic printables,
a handmade VEIL
and Tiny Saints
…as well as TWO Amazon Gift Cards!
The Giveaway ends January 27!

~ 5 ~
Anyone for Chestertonian wisdom??
Many of us have been enjoying and learning a tremendous amount at 
Sarah's for Weekends with Chesterton!
Please visit again tomorrow for lots more!
You'll be the richer for it!
I know I am.

~ 6 ~
And since this little ole blog usually  has a homeschooling focus...
let me give you a little insight into how swimmingly our academics
are moving along:
Algebra. Is. Going. To. Kill. Me.

~ 7 ~
<<  Spoiler Alert!! >>

Can someone please,  PLEASE,
I beg of you, 
give Belle and Rumple a break??

You don't know what I'm talking about??
You don't watch Once Upon a Time??
What's wrong with you?
You have no excuse.
We don't even get cable and we've found a way.
Seriously, you must too!
We're all caught up now and can I say~~~~
waiting until
 mid March to continue the saga alongside the
ravaged and desperate souls of Storybrooke, Maine?
No easy feat.
So in the meantime,
my son and I found this awesome, epic and pretty darn cool
video of Rumple/Mr. Gold,
the suave Robert Carlyle.
My kids each LOVE LOVE acting in 
local community theater and he, by far,
is their latest acting "hero."

<< The following is a "Once Upon a Time" spoiler alert >>
One caveat...
viewer discretion advised....
Yeah, a little language......
and a few other scenes.
If your family is a OUaT family,
( I love you anyway, even if you're not!)
 they've likely seen this footage already.

Just take a sse preview this 
before watching with the littles.
Here ya go:

Come on, you're hooked! 
(And if you get THAT pun, you're already a fan!)
Admit it!

Thank you SO much for the precious time that 
you spend here at my home on the web!
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I'd love to stay in touch regularly.

Until next time,


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  1. love reading your blog. I was bummed you didn't get to know. I did not know about the Chesterton thing. I am going to have to say again - TOLDYA YOU ARE FAMOUS! hahaha

    1. Thanks Em! You're a doll!!

      Thanks for your visit, friend!


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