Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Only Click Here if You're Into Serious Reptilian Cuteness ~ Wordless Wednesday 1/8/14

Sharing a little shrimp on New Year's Eve with
the sweetest turtle ever...
I mean ever~~~
 "Of COURSE I'd like a treat!"

 "This little boy is so good to me!
I lucked out when I got him for Christmas!"

"DO I have to wait til next year for another yummy morsel?
You don't actually expect me to go back to those 
protein pellets now, do ya?"

I'm tellin' ya...the pictures just don't do her justice!
Santa brought her by two Christmases ago and
wow, she is SUCH a pet.
Cute, cuddly, personality, adorable, curious.
Didn't think reptiles could be quite so pet-like, huh?
Neither did we!

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  1. Aww feeding time, I love shrimps too :) Thanks for linking up ..

    1. I KNOW!! Sharing our own food with a reptile?! Too funny....

      Thanks for visiting, Claire!

      Be well, friend

  2. This made me chuckle! You are such a great boy-mom! I do kinda see what you mean about the cuteness, though :-)

    1. Lucinda
      YES...I call her my "sugar face~!" She's adorable!

      Thanks for stopping by, friend....always love your visits!

  3. My son would LOVE to have a turtle.
    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Oh my gosh, would too!!

      Thanks for visiting, friend!!!


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