Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Snapshot Mondays ~ 1/20/14

I'm joining Pam today at Everyday Snapshots for her weekly linky!
Project Snapshot is a place within our blogs to capture and record a moment,
 of the past week,
 with family,
big or small,
 with or without words
which we do not want to forget..........
In time, these will compile into many memories to 
be shared and reflected upon.

My snapshot~~
I captured the baskets scored this week and the amazing beauty of
icicles on our birch.
 But this was a quiet 
moment of work and perseverance,
 which also can't be overlooked.

Please click to Pam's for more Everyday Snapshots.
And while you're here, please visit the huge giveaway in honor of 
The Catholic Bloggers' Network.
There are gifts, veils, gift cards and books,
one of which I contributed to!
So go take a peek and enter!
Good luck!

And please come back tomorrow for more on The March for Life in DC.
Not able to attend?
Here's my post from last year's March for Life:

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spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!
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  1. Yes! Any quiet moments of work and perseverance MUST be remembered (savored even!!). Love your moment; thanks for linking up.

    1. Pam
      Thanks so much for stopping by! Always love when you visit.....I'l enjoying your linky and happy to participate!

  2. Just tweeted this post and also wanted to wish you safe travel to the March. God bless you for all you do, CHris! Your blogging and support of Catholic social media is awesome. PRayers.

    1. Allison~
      You made my day with your kind words!
      THANK YOU so very much!!


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