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7 DIY Lenten Crafts & Books ~ Wreaths, Crown of Thorns, Mercy Crosses, Crucifixion Art, Books~ Artful Friday Lenten Blog Carnival {with linky}

Cherished family rituals, parish events, beloved books, scripture reading
 and my own deep reflections, written and pondered
 related to the liturgical season of Lent,
 fill my thoughts, my to-do lists and my plan book
 as we enter this holy 40 day stretch.
Here, in QT form, is a collection of a number of our family
 Lenten memories,
activities and resources.

~ 1 ~
Crucifixion Art

Last year during Holy Week, my kids made these
lovely paintings.

Here's all you need in terms of supplies~
You already have everything in the house! 

The super easy,  how- to is right here.:

Enjoy  painting while you read one of our Lenten book  picks below!

~ 2 ~
Lenten Wreaths

Here's a  simple, no -frills but extremely lovely decoration to remind and instill  
in us all to 
which I found at A Blessed Journey
and adapted for our use.

Above, are the items needed to create the wreath.
 Again, all were purchased at The Dollar Tree. 
As you can see, you start with a
simple wreath (about 10 inches in diameter), purple ribbon
 (  I picked up dark and light  shades for my kids to choose.) and purple card stock.

About to wrap the ribbon around wreath:

Adding letters to the card stock "mini banners."
I love the "Sticko" brand. 
And here, affixing the card stock "mini banners" so they 
hang from the center.

And hanging from the door inside of our most lived in room,
so that we can enjoy it often:

~ 3 ~
 Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy Crosses

                    We began with simple foam cross cut outs as well as a package of 
 foam-y flower stickers. :

Easy and time saving during a busy week.   
Both items obtained at The Dollar Tree. 
 Love The Dollar Tree, don't you? 

The kids glued a cross on each of two  pieces of pastel card stock. 
They then  wrote key words  from the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, after an in depth discussion of ways that, as a family, we could endeavor to accomplish as many of  the Works as possible during Lent. 
And of course, during Ordinary Time as well.
 There's a great explanation of the Works of Mercy at this site. 
Every time they/we accomplish a Work of Mercy,
 they'll stick a flower on the cross;
 by Easter, hopefully, the crosses will be covered!

Not an artistically challenging project for either of my kids, as they are 11 and almost 14, BUT the faith and  the service meaning behind the project is, of course, of utmost import and will serve as a tangible  and visual reminder of living the way of the Cross this season.


~ 4 ~
Play Dough Crown of Thorns

 Step 1: Create 3 strands with any colors of play dough.

Step 2: Braid 

                                                         Step 3: Form crown

                                                    Step 4: Add "thorns"  (toothpicks)

Completed crowns:


We'll be removing "thorns," representative of our sacrifices, symbolically easing Christ's suffering  by doing so, throughout these 45 days.  Since Lent has only been  underway for a couple of days now;  there's still time do this with your kids if you have not as of yet. ~:) 

~ 5 ~
Books we've come to live in and love during Lent

Amon's Adventure
 continues the story began during Advent 
with the same beloved characters
 in Tabitha's Travels 
Jotham's Journey
Bartholomew's Passage.

This is a family favorite that sweeps us back to the time surrounding
Jesus's Crucifixion and provide a front row seat people,
the events, the circumstances, the injustices, the betrayals and the loyalties.

~ 6 ~
Our favorite Bible

The Fireside Catholic Youth Bible

I've mentioned this Bible numerous times here in liturgical season activity
(it's also well read and refereed to during advent as we create our Jesse Tree )
Product Details
 We read also very frequently the  Concise Bible History 
 to clarify and to reinforce settings,
Biblical figures.

~ 7 ~
Resurrection Eggs

A dozen bright and colorful plastic eggs, each containing an item 
which symbolizes Jesus's life, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension
are perfect for every age. 
Honestly, my kids' level of understanding at their ages is beyond the
symbolism conveyed through each;
yet each time we sit and talk "Lent,"
they still enjoy the discovery
 within each egg as well as reading the 
corresponding scripture verses in our Bible 
Symbols include a purple cloth, a piece of wood representing the cross, 
dice, coins and of course one empty egg representative of the resurrection.

Please visit Jen's for more QTs!

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The Dark Night of the Soul:
Why a Failing Lent Really Isn't

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Sponsored Giveaway ~ Lilla Rose Hair Clip!

Welcome friends~!
Well, as a homeschooling mom of boys,
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action adventure,  curriculum, Doctor Who, 
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 I really wish I chose a clip with more contrast against my hair.....oh well....
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Now if I ran out to do errands and got two compliments
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