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Artful Friday in 7 QTs: A Study of Robert Frost in Words and Craft: Poetry Notebooks, Rhyme Scheme, Snowy Collages, Let it Snow Bottle and Make Your Own Snowflakes

Welcome, friends!
Happy St Valentine's Day!
With homeschooling commitments
  plus the rage of yet another stormageddeon,
 disrupting all of our schedules,
 it's been a while since I've been able to stop in!
I'm so happy to share, in another edition of Artful Friday,
 a QT post on a unit of study that we're enjoying around poetry and crafts.
We're specifically extending the works of American poet, Robert Frost,
with words, crafts, creativity.
It's been so. much. fun. to explore this way and 
I'm deciding now on our next poet of study!
Any thoughts?

So here goes:
A succinct round up of QTs around our study~

~ 1 ~
~ Poetry Sources~
Original Text/Audio
We read and reveled in a few Frost masterpieces,
As a former English major, I still have several shelves devoted to America lit.
But these were our faves:
Robert Frost Reads

~ 2 ~
 getting to know the poet and his works:
We used and enjoyed~~

Toward Robert Frost

*We referred to PoemHunter and for details as we
immersed  in his life, times and writings.
*We read and listened to his poetry again and again, discussing 
imagery and figurative language such as metaphor and simile.
**Geographically and historically speaking, we learned about 
and located his native area
(New England, USA) and pinpointed world and American events 
at the time of his birth and death.
~ 3 ~
Poetry Notebooks

There are just sooooo
 many ways these can be instituted.So many different styles, materials,
 lessons to be learned, through this tool.

These are just the tip of the iceberg:
*writing "off" a poet's works
*decorating a poem
*illustrating a poem
*categorizing poetry by style, poet, time frame, 
setting, rhyme schemes
(discussed below.)
*comparing/contrasting poets' works
* linking other literary works to chosen pieces of poetry
*learning and cataloging literary devices through each poem, 
such as similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia 

Here's how we got started on ours along with some shots.
I hope you share a few ways that you use yours, if you
choose to use something like this as well!
 You would need simply 
* 3 ring binder
*construction paper
* page protector sleeves
The decorated poem slides in here nicely
* copies of the studied poems
*page dividers with tabs
*You can write the poet's name or any other category label 
on these tabs based on how
you wish to organize your binder.
*glitter, crayons, etc.....

~ 4 ~
Rhyme Scheme
Before analyzing the rhyme scheme  of Frost's poetry,
we reviewed the topic with common verses and with 
"easy scheme" poems.

For example, these are just a couple of  poems which we analyzed, copied and assigned schemes.:

 An ABCB Pattern:
Roses are red  ~ A
Violets are blue ~ B
Sugar is sweet ~  C
And so are you ~ B

Two representations of the  ABAB Pattern:

My candle burns at both ends, ~ A

It will not last the night, ~ B

But ah my foes and oh my friends ~ A

It gives a lovely light. A

~Edna St Vincent Millay

To see a World in a Grain of Sand ~ A

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, ~ B

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand ~ A
And Eternity in an hour. ~ B 
~ William Blake

As for Frost's "Stopping By Woods on  Snowy Day," we were surprised by the uniqueness of the "behind the scenes" construction of Frost's masterpiece

Whose woods these are I think I know. ~ A

His house is in the village though;~ A 
He will not see me stopping here  ~  B 

To watch his woods fill up with snow. ~ A 

My little horse must think it queer ~ B

To stop without a farmhouse near ~ B

Between the woods and frozen lake ~  C

The darkest evening of the year.  ~ B

He gives his harness bells a shake ~ C

To ask if there is some mistake. ~     C

The only other sound's the sweep ~  D

Of easy wind and downy flake.    ~   C

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  ~ D

But I have promises to keep,  ~ D

And miles to go before I sleep,  ~ D

And miles to go before I sleep.  ~ D

We then analyzed the scheme of another of Frost's classics, "The Road Not Taken" to determine if the scheme was similar.
 What we found was surprising!

My little guy thinks Frost is a "genius" for pulling off an amazing literary gem AND sticking to such clever schemes!

So, go enjoy rhyme schemes and have some fun discovering!

~ 4 ~
"Stopping By Woods on a Snowy  Day"

Some craftiness based on the poetry and its themes:

Here's the finished "snowy day collage"

And here are the supplies you need:

And how my little guy made his collage:

The trick is to add a marble to the paint WITH
the item you're gluing on the paper!
Try it!

Taking a cue from this lovely craft blog, we really enjoyed creating
the scene that we envisioned as we read Frost's classic

And, hanging in our back window:

~ 5 ~
Let it Snow Bottle

Here's what you need:
*clear glue
*snowflake foamies or charms
*glitter, sequins

Here are the steps:

 Fill  1/3 or so of the bottle with glue, then fill to the top with water.
Mix and let sit for a day or two.

In a day or so, add sequins, glitter and charms

Finished snow bottle!! ~

Now, have some fun!
We got the idea from this awesome blog

 ~ 6 ~
Picture Snowflakes
with a Catholic twist!
I so loved Jen's snowy ideas over at Catholic Inspired.
Here's what we did as a take off on her creativity!
Oh my goodness, you must must must
head over to peruse the rest of her offerings!!

We'll be working more today on adding pictures to our snowy day snowflakes!

~ 7 ~
Paper snowflakes

See the snowflakes up above by #6? 
Most of them were made by my son.....

but additionally, we reeeeeeeally tried to make 
these sonic screwdriver snowflakes.
Go there to see what they should look like!
The site warns that they're sooooo hard, they are a 
"Boy Scout Burnout " level!
Here are our tries:

Oh well...
a Whovian-Frost go at it?
Didn't work!!
But please let me know if you get it together!
We will keep at it!

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  1. Chris, It looks like you and the boys had a lot of fun! And you have some really neat ideas! Literature and art together how cool is that!? Thanks for sharing my snowflake project! I can't tell you how odd it is to see my blog on your computer in the picture!! Fun! God bless!

    1. Aw, thanks, Jen!! I'm so grateful to you for sharing your creativity! You've inspired me!!

      Feel better, too, friend!!

      Thanks for stopping by!~~~

  2. Aw, thanks for stopping by!!

    I'm so grateful that you shred your creativity with the snowflake projects! Be well and feel good, too!

  3. I love Frost, it's so nice to see it being taught in such a fun way. I'd like to invite you to share this (and any other posts you want!) on my Cozy Reading Spot, a link up focused first on reading, and second on writing... It opens every Thursday, but you could link up most of the week.

    If you are at all interested, I hope to see you there!


    1. How nice of you, Marissa!! I will definitely come by!

      Thanks for the visit and your kindness!!

  4. this looks like great activities. will give them a try with my two. we are not so great about adding poetry to our lessons:( I have to do better this type of activity will motivate me

  5. Thanks, friend!!
    I always love your visits!!

    Be well~

  6. Love this! I am featuring this as one of my favorites from last week's Hearts for Home Blog Hop. :-) :-) Be sure to stop by and grab an "I've been featured" button. :-)

  7. How exciting, Lisa! And how sweet of you!
    I love perusing your features and wow, my Frost "study" is one of them this time around! Thanks so much!

    Thanks for the visit, too, Lisa!

  8. What great ideas for studying poetry!! I hope to make use of a few them in our homeschool. Thanks for sharing! -Gina at

  9. I love poetry- and you have put together some really great ideas to engage younger kids! :)

    1. Thanks so much, elizabeth! Enjoy!
      And thanks for stopping by!

  10. i'm loving all of these craft ideas!! --i am visiting form the homeschool post link up! :)

    1. How sweet of you to visit from the HS Post---

      thanks so much!

  11. Chris, I didn't comment on this post from last year, so here it is a year later and I'm sorry I missed this the first time around! WOW! I'm always so impressed how you combine fun art projects with your subjects and how fun to use art and poetry at the same time! Love all the creations!

    1. Thanks Tra, for visiting!

      Thanks too for the compliment!
      You're so sweet

  12. Love the collage. Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening is one of my favorite poems. The art looked like a cool spin-off!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend, for stopping by and hsoting the linky!!

  13. Wonderful lessons combining poetry and art. I was an elementary teacher for 30 years, so this makes me smile.

  14. I love using Robert Frost's poetry! You have some great ideas here, and it looks like you had lots of fun. :-) I'm stopping by from Encouraging Hearts and Homes.


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