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Spiritual Growth AND Help for the Impoverished: Introducing Catholic Relief Service's "Operation Rice Bowl" App

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I am honored to be blogging for  Catholic Relief Services,
hoping in  small way, here at my little home on the web,   
to spread the word  (and The Word ) 
about some of their new and exciting
programs as well as their latest  herculean humanitarian efforts around the world.

You've heard of Catholic Relief Services, but did you know :
1. CRS was founded in the midst of WWII in 1943 by US Catholic Bishops in order to assist survivors of the war.

2. CRS is the official humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the US whose 
operations serve to assist those in need overseas 
regardless as to their creed, ethnicity or race.  

3. CRS works to promote and protect the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and is motivated by Jesus Christ's guiding examples of social justice.

4. CRS  fully complies with Catholic teachings, 
yet employs both Catholics and non Catholics.

5. 93% of CRS expenses go directly to its programs.

6. The efforts of CRS have helped  over 100 million people in 91 countries 
on 5 continents.

I strongly encourage you to read more on CRS's mission and guiding principles
Here, you can also get updates on typhoon recovery in the Philippines,
efforts helping the displaced souls in  the Sudan, and how we can celebrate our neighbors in need as well as those we love this Valentine's Day,
among many other  CRS ventures.

Catholic Relief Services' latest efforts:
~Operation Rice Bowl~

I am so eager to share with you today, Catholic Relief Services'
brand new endeavor.~~
beginning today, February 5,
in an easy to navigate, attractive app right here.
for mobile devices and laptops as well as for Android users.
We can also easily follow Operation Rice Bowl on Twitter.

Here's  a screenshot of the iPhone app:
Lovely and user friendly, right?

iPhone Screenshot 1
Other than a simple cell phone that takes no more than calls, 
I have no mobile "device."
However, I can very easily use this app on my laptop and was graced to
 preview  CRS's newest endeavor.

At Operation Rice Bowl, 
one can become encouraged to more actively live Lent with
tangible tips to pray, fast and give alms.
 Downloading a printable Lenten calendar,
cooking up a storm with recipes for 
meatless main dishes on Lenten Fridays and
giving a gift to those who truly need it are just some of the ways
that Operation Rice Bowl is a blessing to all of us
right now and as we approach the liturgical season of Lent.

And this gift?
25% will be given to help families right in your diocese.
75% will benefit CRS programs around the world.
Our gifts CAN change lives through the work of CRS!

I know that once  you, too, visit and use the offerings available at 
Catholic Relief Services' Operation Rice Bowl,
you will find them beneficial and beautiful.

For more info on Catholic Relief Services 
and how we can all help our less fortunate brothers and sisters
 in 91 countries around the world,
 please visit CRS's  hugely  informative website 
and visit Catholic Relief   on Facebook. Pinterest and Twitter.

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spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!
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  1. What a neat app! I'm going to have to go check it out now!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda! I think you will really really enjoy the new app !!

  2. Chris, I love having a pre-Lenten reminder! Thank you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Rhonda!

    Enjoy it!


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