Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sponsored Giveaway ~ Lilla Rose Hair Clip!

Welcome friends~!
Well, as a homeschooling mom of boys,
I'm caught up, as are all  boy-Moms, 
in all things
action adventure,  curriculum, Doctor Who, 
hoops, mitts, shin guards and well,
 based on my blog's title.... sports and  travel effects!
And I never blog about 
style, fashion and accessories.

So, when my friend, Dusty, mentioned that her friend,
Allison, a Lilla Rose consultant, 
was sponsoring an  opportunity for bloggers to
enjoy, review and give away one of the company's well known and
well loved accessories, I jumped at it!
When I communicated with Allison , I told her that I'd love 
to offer  a beautiful hair clip right here on 
my blog to you, my readers.
But that just boring old me would be "modelling" the piece!
To my delight, Allison was great with that and told me to go right ahead
 and choose a clip to wear and talk up!
I went shopping on Allison's page and here's what I chose:

 Isn't it gorgeous??
This is the Lilla Rose
 "Scrollwork Heart Antique Brass" flexi clip
( # 6-0256) 
 Lovely, no??
The details given to the decorative part of the flexi clip,
as well as the  attachment, are just perfect. 
The quaint little accessory holds firmly and gives this tired,
typically sweatshirt wearing, stay at home,. homeschool mom
a real boost whenever it's worn!

 I really wish I chose a clip with more contrast against my hair.....oh well....
But here's  a shot my son took so you can get a bit more of 
an idea about the clip's "look" while being worn.
Now if I ran out to do errands and got two compliments
 from complete strangers on my hair clip ( I kid you not)...
seriously, you know these accessories are  super unique!

Now, when you click  to Allison's page to shop, you'll notice an array of styles.
And believe me, it's a tough choice.
Each one is prettier than the next!
Once you decide on your style,
You absolutely should go  enjoy clicking over to her page ....
Because, let's face it, perusing curriculum, office supplies 
and accessories is in every homeschool mom's  blood, right?
Now go take a break for yourself and enjoy shopping!
But come back for the awesome giveaway details!
Here are some lovely offerings you'll find over at Allison's~

Displaying photo.jpg

Displaying photo.jpg

Displaying photo.jpg

~ The Giveaway ~
Allison is kind enough to offer this giveaway for.....
are you ready....
any Lilla Rose item $16 or under!!
How sweet is that?

Any item $16 or under!
Here's how you can  enter this phenomenal giveaway
for a chance to win  your own Lilla Rose clip:

Let's keep this simple and easy, ok?
1. On thenrafflecopter at this post's end,
you need only like my blog's facebook page 
Allison's Lilla Rose Independent Consultant facebook page.

2. Enter between Monday 2/24 and Monday 3/3.

3. Please leave a comment to just say hi and let me know you stopped by to enter!

That's it.
No crazy copying and pasting of tweet url and such.
Just easy as pie.
Good luck!
Now go do some clicking  at the rafflecopter
and then more shopping around 
at Allison's page for fun!
After all, if you're lucky enough to win, 
you need to know what to choose!
And if you don't win, 
you'll likely want to treat yourself 
or choose a lovely clip as a gift for someone special!

Friends, as always,  thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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I'd love to stay in touch regularly.

Until next time,


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hi Chris, I'm popping over form one of the blog hops, but forgot which one because I have SUCH a butterfly brain! Lol. I love these Lilla Rose hair clips but have about two feet of hair so wonder if there is one strong enough to hold all that hair up. I know, I'm not supposed to have long hair past a "certain" age...but stuff it anyway, I love it. :) It's lovely to come across your little edge of the campfire and now I'm off to check out some more of your posts. :)

  2. Veronica, YES! If you click to Allison's page you will see there is a wide variety of sizes for all hair types!

    Good luck!

  3. I first heard of Lilla Rose because someone hosted a review/giveaway on my blog. Now I'm a consultant and love selling it! Great company and products I can be passionate about sharing with others!


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