Sunday, February 9, 2014

Your Life on the Big Screen: Moms' Night Out Preview!

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I was privileged this weekend to attend a screening
 for a major motion picture 
due to be released on Mothers' Day weekend ! 


How fortuitous that one of the few theaters screening the movie 
was located within six miles of my home!
Talk about luck.
Or Providence?
Because what my son and I were lucky to preview
was a fun, laugh out loud,
this - is - truly- my -life -up - there
 yet profound offering,
which sought to spread The Word in incidental ways through 
likable, realistic and fun characters and situations. 
And it worked.
The same people who brought us "October Baby" are bringing
us "Moms's Night Out..."
 I only wish I could gather all of
my friends  together and enjoy it again!!
To join light hearted, yet faith filled
families in their onscreen day to day lives
in small yet extraordinary means
was a theater experience
that was rare,
unexpected and lingering.
If you're into Pinterest perusing bikers,
a cool preachers' wife,
(played by Patricia her love her!)
fun onscreen gals who you wish were real life friends,
realistic relationships and Donnie Osmond tattoos ( ! ) 
You Will Love This Movie.
My son and laughed many times throughout
and I seriously teared up during two scenes.
There's something for every member of your family here.
And all Moms can relate...single, work at home, work outside,
moms of littles or Moms of teens.
Add a star ( or at least a half star) if you're a Glee-k: 
 Mike Cheng lights up a scene or two with his dance moves.
I just wish he graced more frames with the movie!

You absolutely will want to  click over to check out the
Moms' Night Out official website
and watch the official trailer!
But come back for my fun giveaway!

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here at my home on the web! 

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  1. Sounds so cute, Chris! I hadn't even heard of it before. I'll have to see if it's screening near me. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Micaela!
      You will absolutely enjoy it!!

  2. Chris,

    We don't always get to see the same movies as you. I don't remember Courageous or Fireproof ever being shown at our cinemas but I did get DVD copies when they were available. You have reminded me I never saw October Baby. Time to look for a DVD! Anyway, Moms' Night Out sounds good and I will visit their website. So glad to hear you had a fun time out with yuor son!

  3. Thanks, Sue; yes, we DID have fun!! It wasSO great!

    I do hope you get to see Oct Baby!! We saw it on the bus ride to DC last year when we went to The March. it was truly moving....

    "See" you soon, friend....always love your visits:)


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