Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday "Joy" 3/21/14

  I am 4. I am 7. I am 10, 13, 18. There is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year’s Day. There are birthdays, graduations, retirements, housewarmings, christenings.

     And there is the everyday. Not occasions. But very special indeed.

     Backyard barbeques on crystal summer days. Charbroil and hickory wafting to seemingly endless summer sky, creating forever an imprint of happiness, bliss.  Of togetherness. Of safety.

      Emerald grass, lemon yellow marigolds and neon pink petunia, trimmed. Lawn chairs, neatly arranged earlier, now haphazardly strewn. Yanked by eager friends joining burgeoning, lively conversations. A day, lingeringly, gratefully, spent with friends sans daily rigor. Heightened by comfort, familiarity, ease. Love.

     There are Sunday afternoons slogging through wintry woods to a frozen pond deep within. Ice skates flung over shoulders and bumping with each step. Bright sun, radiant at eye level. Yet hiding behind full beauty of firs and leafless beauty of maple, oak. There is the anticipation, the newness of the adventure. But more so, the reveling in now.

     The walk. The talk. The silence in between. The being together.  
Joy in the everyday.

And since this is all about savoring the everyday,
 here's some Chesterton awesomeness to ponder 
around this very thing:

I'm thrilled  join in with Lisa Jo
 and Five Minute Friday 

I can't believe it's been a week since I 
hit "publish" here!
My space was fast becoming a place for the churning out of
 reviews and sponsored posts of late and boy, 
was I on burnout.
From that as well as general life.
I look forward to writing what I'd like to savor and  think through 
as I continue my blogging journey as a writer and as a  Mom.
And mainly, continuing to be graced by
 the blessings that abound
in the blogging community from all of you
who stop by, read, comment, or not,
and have made this road a surprising blessing.
~Thank you~

Please click to Lisa Jo's for more snippets of joy.

 Friends, as always,  
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  1. Stopping by from FMF and glad you're back in the blogging groove. :) I appreciated your words today, because I have found in the last several years the significance of really savoring "now" and not missing the anything-but-ordinary everyday, and all God's blessings in today.

    1. Kelly
      Thanks so very much for taking the time to stop by!

      Yes! I hear you on the need to live in the right now!
      So agree....

      Be well and God bless

  2. I love this! So much joy to be had in the present moment, the everyday things that just pass us by. God speaks in all of it. Thank you for challenging me to stop a moment, and appreciate it.

  3. Visiting from FMF and the Inspired Bloggers Network. Such a sweet post about the joys of every day life. You reminded me to pause and enjoy the little things. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Jen!!
      Looking fwd to clicking to your blog as well...thank you, too, for stopping by!

  4. Aww Chris, beautiful post. I'm going to make today so much fun with my family and enjoy :) Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for the mention :)

    1. Good for you! Enjoy xoxoxo

      Claire, you never cease to amaze me! IDK how on Earth you can get to everyone's links at your go girl. Brilliance in Blogging, indeed, Brit Mum! Good luck!
      Can't wait to hear the news!!

      Thanks for the visit, friend!

  5. Beautiful! Definitely a struggle for me to always remember to soak in the ordinary beautiful of every day! To be grateful for everything for it is all grace. I'm working on it.

    1. Aw, thanks for the kind words, Mary!
      LOVE the inspiration I always glean from your posts, friend.
      "See" you soon!
      And thanks for stopping by!

  6. Joy. Sometimes it feels so elusive. What a great reminder that it begins with gratitude!

    1. It DOES feel elusive, Joy!
      You're so right.
      Thanks for visiting!!

  7. It has definitely been true in my life that when I start with gratitude for everything, even the seemingly painful parts become moments of grace and gifts. Great quote from Chesterton!

    1. Wow, how powerful, Lucy...and how true....that even pain and hurt can be filled with grace. Thank you for that reminder....

      And thanks for visiting!

  8. Love this!
    I may have to look into FMF.

    1. Thanks so much, Em, for visiting!!

      You definitely should join the fmf tribe. It's a wonderful community with awesome, supportive writers joining in each week...... you;d be a huge asset, too, Emily!!


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