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Inequalities Anyone? TOS Review of Science and's Algebra 1 Tutor Review
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Mastering 5th Grade Math - Fractions~
The Algebra 1 Tutor is
designed for kids in grades 7 and higher.
My son is an 8th grader, currently studying Algebra, 
and we found the product a true benefit.
I already know that when my younger son
 is immersed in the study of Algebra in
three years, he'll not only be using this part 1 at the introductory level,
but that we absolutely will be investing in future Algebra programs
comprising the remainder of the course!
We love it that much!
Let me tell you a bit about 
the program's components  and its pricing:
There are 3 DVDs within the Algebra 1 Tutor
which cove these topics in  a 7 hour course:

Disk 1
Sect 1 - Real Numbers And Their Graphs
Sect 2 - Fractions
Sect 3 - Exponents 

Disk 2
Sect 4 - Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers
Sect 5 - Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers
Sect 6 - Algebraic Expressions

Disk 3
Sect 7 - Properties of Real Numbers
Sect 8 - Introduction to Equations
Sect 9 - Solving More Equations
Sect 10 - Simplifying Expressions to Solve Equation

I was provided with the Algebra 1 Tutor on DVD 
One might elect to buy the program download.

The Algebra 1 Tutor DVD is $26.99
while the Algebra 1 Tutor download program is $23.99.

In addition to the physical DVD and the download program offered,
the purchaser will receive corresponding
worksheets through digital download means
or a CD. 
Theses worksheets will need to be printed
in order for the student
to receive  reinforcement of 
 the concepts to which they correspond on
the Algebra 1 Tutor.
How we used the program~
The  fundamental,  step by step
explanations  throughout each clip are 
clear, concise and offered solid assistance to us as
we journey through the landscape 
of algebra, which can be confusing and overwhelming,
if not broken into manageable pieces of information,
as I'm sure you well know!
Since my son and I had already covered more than 
half of the course material
by the time I was offered this program,
we used the Algebra 1  Tutor  as a source of review , 
rather than an introduction to the concepts within.
I would love to have had the benefit of's
truly wonderful program form the course's beginning,
but supplementing  alongside specific topics that require
repetition with the program was certainly an asset.
 I positively came to rely upon the program as a
means of review/clarification of "older" concepts.
Because the DVD menu clearly states which topics are 
covered and in which order,
we had the opportunity to choose
where  to review and began to feel as if we had a personal tutor!

Some of the benefits I discovered
 of this   program~
1. I found the practical application  offered on the worksheets to be  extremely helpful.
We are definitely a drill and kill family of homeschoolers.  All the better if I can save time and energy by relying  on coordinated activities which correspond to the
video clip. Who needs to reinvent the wheel to reaffirm  mastery  of operations with negative numbers, isolating variables and so on.....  

2. Each concept is presented and explained clearly through a series of step by step examples.
My older son, who is currently studying algebra, found  this to be a bit tedious, and needed
to fast forward through much.  I anticipate the benefit of  this particular aspect  of the program as I use it years down the road with my younger son,  who, due to his dyslexia, is a visual learner and will thrive on the of repetitive, visual presentation.

3. offer an email delivery system of free math lessons which you can request right at their homepage. These lessons, delivered several times per week, are 10-15 minutes long and have served as helpful reviews for my 8th grader, as well as introductions for my 5th grader around such topics as "multiplying by powers of 10,"  "adding integers," and "multiplying a fraction by a whole number." The short video clips are perfectly timed in terms of the presentation of concept and application to specific examples. I strongly urge you to click over to's homepage to sign up for these free lessons that will not only be a huge convenience, but also introduce you  to the company which produces  this high quality algebra tutor program so that you can see firsthand how the tackling of  difficult math concepts is demonstrated.
If you are currently tackling the teaching of Algebra to your
 middle or high school child,
I encourage you to further research the Algebra 1 Tutor as
a supplement to your math program!

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