Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday~ FRIEND + Weekends with Chesterton

The rules of FMF at Lisa Jo's:
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Visit one another.


 One boy’s huge chocolate- brown eyes peering over a splayed hand of Uno; the other’s pensive azure-blue eyes taking in a thick, juicy new novel. Sipping steaming hot cocoa following wintry sledding; icy lemonade following a summer bike ride. Bare, little boy feet slapping dewy grass at dusk on an early summer evening, catching and releasing fireflies, whoops of excitement uncontainable. 

      The little things, the quiet moments. Yes, it’s the many years of Christmas morning memories: The family video of flannel feet-y- pajama clad kids  excitedly zipping down the stairs to squealingly uncover a myriad of surprises peeking from stockings,  peering from under The Tree. It’s capturing the awed whispers of “H-O-W did Santa know I would love this??” The two of them, together, sharing, revealing, delighting. And how can they look so different, be so different from these days which sped past? So long ago. Five, eight, ten years ago......

      It’s the framed birthday cake photos, number candle poking askew out of whipped confection, huge, often toothless grin, on crowned head. And the always party theme-accessorized honoree: western, pirate, fire fighter, space, science, medieval. One year, he wants to grow up to be King Arthur; the next, Neil Armstrong; the next, Watson or Crick.  The friends,  gathered through the years, crowding, sidling up to birthday boy, gathering, smiling and excited, into The Cake Picture. And brother. Right there in that photo. 
       The one constant.

        They are there for each other, in one another's life.  Always.  Despite any harsh words sputtered,  they have their own to-be-awed bond: unspoken, understood, sublime, deep.
     Sitting side by side, one  grappling with Latin adverbs, the other conquering ratios.  Immersed in Narnia, in recreating a favorite van Gogh, or in crafting an Egyptian pharaoh’s staff on a sun dappled deck hour after hour. Or just talking, sharing, shooting hoops.
I'm proud and happy and know despite minor fall outs, it will only get better.

~5 minutes are up~

And I love this pearl by our man, 
Chesterton, in  Fancies vs Fact
The family is the test of freedom; 
because the family is the only thing that the free man 
makes for himself and by himself.

Please join Sarah for her weekend foray into the 
study of GKC's wit and wisdom.

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  1. Siblings are the bestest of friends- no matter what! Dropping by from FMF- enjoyed your post!

    1. Thank you SO much, Boni, for taking the time to stop over and leave a comment! I appreciate your kind words too!

  2. What a beautiful bond brothers have! My husband and his brothers have kept a special bond regardless of how far we have moved from them. I have missed you, my friend! Sorry it has been so long since I have visited. I'm glad to be back :). It's always a pleasure to see you and your precious family. One of these days I want to jump in this 5-minute friday challenge. It's a fantastic idea and I always love reading yours!

    1. Candace
      I always love your visits and heartfelt comments!
      Thanks tons for stopping by..... I know you've not been blogging much lately; it's good to see you!
      Yes, that brother bond IS something!

      And please do jump in and join the FMF challenge! I can't do it every week, but it's a great feeling of accomplishment to join in once in a while, even!

      Thanks friend, for stopping by!

  3. I love that Chesterton quote! It reminds me that "real life" exists for the family- not the other way around. :) The family is the true end!

    Your boys melt my heart.

    1. Aw, love your visits, always, Sarah!
      And IS the end, as you say!
      SO appreciate your WWC link up! Learning and enjoying so much!


  4. Sweet :) a double blessing for brothers to be buddies.

    1. Absolute,y, Linda! So true!!

      Thanks so much for stopping over!!


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