Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How Would You Like to Win Tickets for "Moms' Night Out" AND Loads of Goodies? Watch in Your Hometown OR in Hollywood!

Welcome, friends!
So, regular readers may remember that as a columnist for the lovely
Catholic,  I was 
granted tickets back in February for an advance
 preview of "Moms' Night Out," a new release from 
Provident Films.
 If you have a minute, here's my review
 wherein I gush about all things 
so-likeable Sarah  Drew, 
so-real Patricia Heaton,
as well as supportive hubbies, 
unexpected evangelists and 
pinterest lovin' bikers.....
 Photos : MomsNightOut movie

Now, you guys.........
Wait til you see what's in store for you from the creators of 
"Moms' Night Out."
Get clicking and"liking" because you might soon be  packing!
 YOU could win
your very own  Moms' Night Out!
In Hollywood 
 In your own hometown, along
with dinner, limo and $100!!

Enter here to enter through Purex's generous offering
 for 6 passes to 
 a local showing of Moms' Night Out, which includes
limo, dinner and $100 for snacks ( ! )

Click to the rafflecopter widget right at the bottom of my post to enter for that
cool trip to Hollywood...
The contest ends on 
April 15, 2014!
(And when you do  your facebook
"liking," to enter the giveaway,
can you  please click over to Campfires and Cleats' page and
follow us too?
That'd be awesome...
thank you!)

Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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Here ya go:
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  1. So fun!! Our homeschool group is planning a trip--the moms, that is, to see the movie. I hope I can go! So many people love this movie! -Gina

  2. Enjoy the movie, Gina~~!

    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Sounds like a fun time! This is my first time visiting your blog today - look forward to stopping by again soon.

    1. Elise~
      Well, thank you so much! I'm very lucky that you wound up here today through the giveaway! Nice to meet you!

      I appreciate your visit!

  4. I entered Chris! Love it! Hope to win or at least see the movie without the win :)

    1. I hope you win,as well, Tra!

      Thanks for stopping by, friend!!


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