Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To Mirror Christ's Presence~ Confirmation Day in Photos

Well, we have our very own Karol now.......!!
My post title is taken from 
to which our Bishop so fittingly referred during his homily.
To completely  grasp that my son has been bestowed the grace 
of  all three of his  sacraments of initiation
 is simply unfathomable to me.
That he is a true defender of the faith now?
We've laid the groundwork and yet, 
he inspires and surprises....... 
Daily and with vigor.
The plans he has for his faith in his future~
If he accomplishes only a fraction of them, we 
will be so very proud.
And it is so, I know, with your children, as well.

Yesterday was amazing, emotional, beautiful, eye opening.
So many feelings and thoughts to accompany each shot...
But I'll let the story be told in pictures.:

My son chose to frame his favorite picture of his hero
for the table.

In this post, I detail the decor, desserts and touches that
 made the day a bit more festive....
so if you'd like a run down of how we made the cake,
keys to the kingdom and all the other little things here and there, 
I've shared  here.

~With special people~

The Mass
~The procession begins~
That's him in front, along with my other son, 
to his right, 
who served the mass.

~Here he is,
honored to do the first reading
from Ezekial~

Honored to hold the Bishop's crook during mass

 ~With our bishop and pastor~

~just us~
 ~a favorite priest~
 ~the two of them~
~Home celebration, afterward~
 Notice the lapel pin?
 Little bro gifted him that the night before
so he could wear it at mass

~Seven red candles for the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit~

~Gifting his uncle/sponsor with this cross~

 Little bro gifts with this set  that he agonized over!
Because you can never have enough rosaries!

He will, as he says, "Wear it always!" and 
"Be not afraid!"

Thank YOU, friends, for stopping by and sharing in 
The Big Day!

We were graced to be in our pontiff's presence a number of times.
Here, in America, twice.....once, in Rome.
Previously, I've written about our  JPII here:
My Pope, My Shepherd: Mercy IS Divine

Also, friends, if you are not Catholic and you'd like to learn more about
this beautiful Faith,
if you are Catholic and have not been involved in the 
practice of the Faith but would like to come home,
there is nothing that would make your Church happier!
Please do not hesitate to contact me~~ 
 I'll put you in touch with 
a priest who can assist you!

Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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  1. So wonderful! Our Church is so good to us with the gift of Sacraments! My son's baptism was one of the best days of my life. So awesome that he chose Karol and it's so close to the special!

    1. Kellie~
      Thanks so much for your kind words!
      Yes! I agree!! I loooove those sacramental days! I so agree with you!

      Yup, we're proud that he chose KAROL too...couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for your visit!

  2. What a lovely celebration for your family. Tonight is my eldest son's Confirmation, but we won't be having such a festive celebration.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura!! Congratulations to your son!! Have a beautiful day!

  3. Oh what a beautiful and special day Chris for your Karol and your family! He did a great job reading and I love his gifts and the candle idea for the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit! I'm pinning this post to save for next year when my two oldest get confirmed to remember your great ideas :) Thanks for sharing your blessed day! :)

    1. Aw, you made my day, Tra! I really did try to make it special for him...these sacraments are being received so quickly...I feel like he was just baptized, for heaven's sake!

      Thanksfor the kind words... "See" you online!

  4. Congratulations!! What a beautiful celebration!

  5. THANK YOU so very much, Amy!
    I appreciate your visit!!

  6. What a beautiful day for your family! Congratulations! The cake idea is really great. We will see if I ever manage to get to that for a Confirmation. One celebrated last year, 8 to go. :)

    1. Jaime~~ Thanks for your visit and kind words! I can't wait to see posts of the sacraments of the 8 to come! (The cake is super duper easy too!)

      Havea lovely weekend!

  7. Chris,

    Congratulations to your son! I enjoyed looking at all your photos. I especially liked the family shot. What a great family you have!

    Maybe it's easier to make a connection with the modern saints as we have photos and videos and writings etc to help us really get to know who they were. My son Callum took Padre Pio as his confirmation patron saint just after he was canonised. It is very special to have an actual photo (or copy!) of his saint, and even a relic. St John Paul II really is a saint of our times and one we need with his message of Divine Mercy and his devotion to Mary.

    I think I will remember the 7 red candles for when we bake our Pentecost cake! xx

    1. Sue~
      SO true...connecting with the modern saints! Love that your son took Padre Pio's great is that?? We have such an affinity for JPII and it worked out perfectly that he was canonized just weeks before our boy's confirmation!

      Thanks for your visit and good wishes Sue!!
      Love to see pics of your pentecost cake when the time comes!
      be well, ttys

  8. What a beautiful day for your son and your family! We attended our niece's Confirmation this past weekend and our eldest's last month. Two of our middle children had their First Communion this past weekend as well. I love sacramental days! But, they make me cry seeing my "babies" growing up ... I'm bound to be a wreck at each and every one but that doesn't make me any less proud!

    I love the idea of the seven candles on the cake!!!

  9. Aww congratulations, such a wonderful day :)

    1. Thanks so much, Claire!
      I so love your visits, friend!!

  10. What a beautiful day, Chris. Congratulations to your son and to you! You have done a beautiful job raising them.

    1. Aw, thanks, made my day. Well, THIS is one shining day and truly it was wonderful.

      Thank you so much for visiting!!


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