Friday, June 13, 2014

"A Door in the Wall" Inspired Wooden Cross Craft for Holy Trinity Sunday & the Feast of Corpus Christi

Welcome, friends, to another Artful Friday!
 One of my crafty sons recently  conceived of the idea for this cross as we read the classic Newbery title by Marguerite de Angeli,  The Door in the Wall. If you've not read this amazing piece of literature  in some time, let me refresh your memory.......  it leaves the reader with a beautiful impression of the Church and especially of monastic life. How  perfect, also. for a peek into medieval customs. Many virtues are portrayed throughout the book, especially through Robin, the main character,  ( who whittles his own cross!!) and Brother Luke, the friar who cares for the child.

Since the feast of the Holy Trinity as well as Corpus Christi, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, are  both upcoming, what a perfect time to share his easy, fun and literary DIY cross!  But, of course, any day is a  perfect  day to create a symbol of our faith!  

All you really need is a suitable cross-worthy stick and a  knife that's 
sharp enough to carve. But the most important "ingredient" is creativity 
and imagination.  Seen here is the stick he choose and one of his favorite possessions, 

his Santa-given pocket knife. He's a huge fan of whittling and has carved many items, most notably  bows and arrows for his and for fellow castmates' roles as  
Lost Boys in a stage adaptation of JM Barrie's original 1904 script, Peter Pan. 
Here's a shot of his creations.... he also made his own costume! (minus the coonskin 
cap and slippers, which we picked up in Walmart! )

And here we go! Enjoying the beauty and quiet of our yard on an early June day while immersed in classic lit and developing his own creation is pretty much the best 
way to spend time, wouldn't you say?  Here he is, starting out with his just-picked tree branch.....

...refining it a bit......

After whittling a suitable length of branch, 
he cut the cross pieces just so:

And ..... the final product!
(attached with a touch of Elmer's glue)

If you are Catholic and have not been involved in church life of late, 
but would like to come home, 
please know there is nothing that would make 
Our Lord happier!
If you'd like to contact me, it would be my honor to put
 you in touch with a priest who can assist you.

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