Sunday, August 10, 2014

Adirondack Memories 2014 ~ Bridges, Boats, Beauty and Fish Whisperers ~ Day 1

Welcome friends~

Blogging from our annual spot-by-the-lake.
Our idea of paradise and our view for a few days:
Gorgeous, no?
It's what we long for during those many
harried, full and freezzzzzing days of winter.
Heck, it's what we long for any day we're not here!
Our trek to the gorgeous Adirondacks on upstate New York
have become a part of our family culture since summer of
2005 when the boys were 5 and 2 1/2.
And since I was a kid of about the same age,
my family traveled here as well...
not the same place. 
Though, the mountains' call and the lake's
beckon is the same.
So, we go.
We drive north and the peace and calm and
connection we receive are unquantifiable.:

Wilderness is not a luxury,
but a necessity of the human spirit.
~Edward Abbey 
In keeping with my Adirondack Memories scrapbook of last year,
which was so much fun to compile and share,
here are some shots of our first day....
our journey 250 miles north, our arrival,
 the beauty and fun that greeted us:

 crossing the Throgs Neck Bridge and heading north!

 Betcha didn't know that sunrise over The Bronx
could be so  breathtaking, huh?

Even "our baby" comes with us to vacation!
Love that reptile.

A stop at the historic racetrack in Saratoga, early morning.
We're planning on going back early, early, early
 one morning this week, 
when we can see the horses up close before the day's races begin.
We're here!!
The guys grab a canoe right away~~~

A little  badminton by the lake.....

Getting set to fish for those sunnies, bass and pike!
Catch and release only, of course.
You've heard of the horse whisperer?
Well, my little guys are the fish-whisperers.
They've gotten themselves the reputation as being
 The Ones
to come to when a hook is stuck,
to gently remove from the fish's throat 
with needle nose pliers
and place back in the lake,
all while talking to said fish.
AND respectfully informing fellow
fishermen how to carefully release the fish.
Really. Good. Kids. 
Yup, we're proud of them.

Dock jumping~~

More of the same!
Plus, mass in town and visit with my brother, who
lives here in paradise.
We'll see him, celebrate his upcoming birthday 
create another day of memories:
Thankful for all we have and are.
Really thankful.

I'll be back when spotty wifi allows!
Have a great day!

Thank you for visiting
and spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL photos, Chris, of what I am sure will be lifelong memories of family fun for your boys. God bless!

    1. Allison~
      Thank you so much, friend, for stopping over and visiting the scrapbook of memories!

      I really appreciate it.....and yes, I hope these will be fond memories forever, too.....thanks xoxoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nancy!! And thanks for visiting, friend!!
      Love it when you have the chance to stop by!


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