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Visions of the Southwest~ Fun and Wacky Sign Pictures ~ The 2014 edition

Welcome friends~
Last summer, after our westward 
 journey and my
chronicles here of our adventures,
the popularity of my 
Forever West series  surprised me....
this "Aces and Eights" post on the wacky sign pictures
 we encountered,  most especially.

I've half a dozen or so posts in blogger draft and I'm hoping to hit 
that "publish" button before long on all of them!
Lots to journal and I'm of-so- happy to share 
with those who'd like to stop by!
My 'Visions of the Southwest' series 
around our 2014 trip include so far~


The primary focus of our journey this July was 
 what is known in the Southwest as
"The Grand Circle" and encompassed 
Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico,
which sit on the Colorado Plateau.
A helpful map from a travel site of that area.:

And a reference book to gain insight into the
geologic history of that area:

And now, here are those fun, silly, wacky, 
sometimes surprising and sometimes sobering
signs of our adventure n "trip-chronological" order:

With our river guide, Anna, of
Mountain Waters Rafting


Do you know the story of the 1906
ecological disaster on the Kaibab Plateau?
One of the world's seven natural wonders: 

Halfway down into The Grand Canyon:

a gift shop fun shirt~

How sad~~
A display at the Grand Canyon Village shop


As we entered Vegas, the soaring temps recorded:

A post is coming soon on our amazing afternoon at UDig!
Cap your speed at 80?
Coming from a place where rush hour lasts from 2PM to 8PM
and the expressway more resembles a parking lot,
this awed us.

How great is THAT?
100 miles of it.

And in a great little shop on the Navajo reservation in Utah:


At Goulding's Museum in 
Monument Valley Najavo Tribal Park:

They  love them some  John Wayne out there in Monument Valley,
that's for sure!

How perfect is the sign on this grocery store?
Four Corners Monument:
(Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and the only spot in
the US where 4 states touch)
How much do you love this?
Taking his Jr Ranger duties very seriously, noting the
dendrochronology ( new word for me!) of the area...
Um, I could NOT resist....:
Thanks to The Eagles, we were
in Winslow Arizona...

..and getting our kicks on route 66!

And on "the way home" we visited Elvis's place,
which was amazing.......

As a major Elvis fan, yup, this is truth.
A [post on our tour of his home, upcoming.....

That about does it for the signs!!
Hope to see you again here soon!

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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Until next time,


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  1. Fun time and great shots ~ What a family adventure! ~ for WW

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Carol~~

      Thank you!! Yes, it WAS an adventure...

      I appreciate your visit!

  2. My 4yr old son is obsessed with traffic signs and signs in general and I am going to show this post to him =) #ww

    1. AW! I remember that age well! How cute is that??
      Thanks for stopping by for WW today!!


  3. Hi Chris, great to hear from you.

    Wow you have been having lots of fun, all places on my 'to do list' how amazing :)

    Great times and great pictures :)

    thanks for sharing ...

    1. Claire!
      LOVE your visits to my "home" here!!

      Thx for hosting WW and for stopping by!!

  4. Your photos are great! And gotta love John Lennon, huh?, and I hope you'll stop by each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday).
    Hope to see you soon!

    1. Sue,
      Thank you for your visit and kind words....
      When I pub a WW post, I'd be happy to stop by and link up!! Thanks for the offer.

      Havea great day!


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