Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just Our Week~ The Ironic, the Hard-at-Work, the Soccer, the Election Version of & HSMJ ~ 9/25/14

If this isn't a pretty sight!?
Can get much lovelier than an 11 year old boy 
smiling and eager to get to work!

Goal happy!!
Right before he scored!~~

and some kitchen happiness:
Apricot ~ Apple Tart made at a library cooking class...
Recipe soon......

Getting  a kick out of
this funny note left for me on the  kitchen counter.......

'nuf said~ 

And this.
...well, this was my oldest's real for this week....
and of course, our real.

No, of course, this  wasn't a USA presidential election ( ! ) ...
This was one of several posters that  my son's team  
of hard working classmates put together in running
 a great campaign.
He was up  for class president, along with 
a VP, secretary and treasurer.
So, maybe he'll join the ranks of many who lost the first
( and second, and third?) time around before succeeding!
(Yup, his name is wiped out up there)

He's got a great attitude...
and us? SO proud of him for trying oh-so hard and 
working oh-so diligently!

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  1. Looks like you had a great week! I love all of your photos.

    1. Thanks so much, Phyllis! And thank you for stopping over!!

  2. Your southwest trip looks amazing! Definitely on my list to get the kids out there before they have all left home!!

    1. Yes, it WAS amazing, Sarah! I know you'll enjoy it with the family!

      I appreciate your visit!


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