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October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month~ The Face of Dyslexia & Myths Around the Gift of Dyslexia

Welcome friends.....
Tomorrow begins October!
That wonderful  season of 
all things pumpkin, apple cider, hayrides,
corn mazes, trick or treating, early dusks, cozy decorated homes
October, here in the USA, is National Dyslexia Awareness Month.

If you parent a child with dyslexia,
you are living the gift of a dyslexic life.
You know what I mean.
But, oh my goodness,
 you also know the myths, the stereotypes,
the misconceptions.
You know.
You know many things around society's false assumption 
about your kids.....
You see the looks askance when your brighter-than-average child cannot
fill out a basic form without your assistance 
at the library as he enters a contest.....

You feel your child's trepidation as he auditions for a role in a theater that 
did not offer scripts ahead of time "because
all the kids auditioning should have a level playing field."
And you think......
Mr Director, who obviously knows nothing about
successful dyslexic actors and how they've overcome and
 support they've had in formative years....
Mr Director, if you gave the script to every dyslexic kid who walks in off the street
for an audition two weeks in advance to preview,
forget that level playing field even then.
It doesn't exist.
Non dyslexic kids are right there by the  10 yard line.
Dyslexics aren't even in the stadium yet, Mr Director.

You moms of dyslexics have also heard .......
~~ that "modifications" for dyslexic kids offers them  
an  "advantage"
(if only)
~~ that dyslexics "see" things in reverse
~~ that dyslexics are "slow"
~~ that dyslexics are always hyped up, difficult to teach and
unable to sit still, ever
~~that dyslexics can't learn to read
~~that dyslexia only affects boys

And there are so, so many more untruths out there, circulating and
oftentimes negatively affecting those 
who live with this neurological condition.

So this month, let's promote awareness of dyslexia.
What it is.
What it isn't.
What gifts the mind of a dyslexic offers,
due to a different way of "thinking."

During October, I'll be sharing books, tips,
resources, methods....
all gleaned by way of my own research and the generous 
sharing on blogs and websites of those who wish to disseminate
information and activities around dyslexia.
As a former elementary school teacher, reading specialist
and current homeschool mom of a dyslexic, I have garnered some gems
which I'm happy to share....
Here are a few  posts from my archives which include 
resources, links and facts from well established
 dyslexia research organizations:

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