Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Truth About The First Day ~ My September column

So, the First Day. It’s happening. It’s happening on the face of the clock and the page on the calendar and we want more time. Time to get ready; time to know …for them, for us, for the Lord.  Because we want this. You want this. 
It’s not enough, you think. September is creeping, sneaking, approaching. Oh, the schoolroom is set. The books are ordered. The plans are done. The schedules are written.  Whether it’s your first year or your eleventh, as it is ours, or you’re on this journey even longer…….you feel trepidation. You feel tenuous. You feel…inadequate.  Am I right?
But you…your strengths, your standards, your drive for excellence….  heck, your pride, your ego. …they fall short. Or so you think.
This……. is where you’re wrong. This and only this. 
Because your sins and your shortcomings? They will never drive a wedge between  you and  the Lord. Between you and His plan. 
You think you’re not enough for this Mommy thing. This wife thing. This homeschooler thing. You think you can’t meet His expectations? 

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  1. Thank you for this post! It is a little daunting because we aren't perfect for the task at hand.....have to keep reminding myself, HE doesn't want perfection, HE just wants us to keep trying and keep turning to HIM.

    1. Emily
      Thank YOU for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment!

      I So agree with you......Turning to the Lord IS key. Great way to put it!

      I appreciate your visit!!



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