Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY Pumpkin Votive Candle ~ Easy 10 Minute Craft! Artful Friday

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Now, crafting time~!
Yup, this really IS an easy peasy 10 minute start-to-finish craft!
Well, that's assuming all your materials are already on hand....
but I do believe we all have the basics, right?
 Construction paper, sharpies, scissors.....
The only item for which you might need to plan ahead  is the jar.
Though, you may be a super crafter and  have stock 
in jars/bottles/whatnot for those 
just-in-case moments!
If you're looking for a quick, cute and festive Halloween-ish craft
that can double as table centerpiece or decorate a  windowsill
or countertop, you've got it!
Here's my son with his finished product:

He decided to adapt an idea from my friend's blog post that I showed to him.
The idea wasn't Halloween-related at all.....
but the 31st is right around the corner and since we're
hugely celebratory for any and every holiday, and
VERY big fans of Halloween, he decided to keep it
spooky, eerie, but cute.

Let me tell you about the craft idea~
My friend, Monica, of  Equipping Catholic Families,
crafter extraordinaire,
(and just a downright sweetheart of a lady !)
recently shared her clever

DIY Baby Jar Votive Candles craft using her original Kelly Saints images!

Here's her creation~
Lovely, right?
"Fancy" enough for a dinner table centerpiece
and yet, an easy project for kids to tackle.
Thank you, Monica!
We love this!
We certainly will be making a saint votive jar soon,
for an upcoming feast day in our liturgical calendar!
But in the meantime, my little guy decided on a jack-o-lantern look.
So here's all you need and the how-to~

1. Gather supplies
We used a gravy jar, rather than Monica's suggested baby food jar.
(Busted. Now you know I don't make my own gravy.......)
2. Create design 
Whatever design you intend on highlighting with candlelight will
be cut out, such as my son's pumpkin face, above.
You can tape/glue the design to the inside of the jar
while you 3. color the outside with a Sharpie of your choosing:

4. Remove the tape, add a candle and voila~
One festive, easy and no-mess votive.
Hey once in a while, a no-mess craft is welcome, right?

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  1. Chris,

    We don't celebrate Halloween. It's just not an Aussie thing to do, though in recent years the shops have been stocking Halloween candy, costumes etc, trying to get us all into the mood. Most of these things can be bought half-price the week after Halloween!

    I do like your votive candle holder! It could be adapted for any occasion, I imagine. Your son looks like he had a great time decorating the jar. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey there Sue!
      well, thanks! Yes, he did have fun creating this and you absolutely can adapt it for so many occasions!

      So interesting about Aus and Halloween...... I did not know that Halloween was not celebrated by you guys....I'm guessing Halloween celebrations as we know them are uniquely American? hmmmm
      THANKS so much for stopping over, Sue! I always love your visits!

  2. Lovely simple idea and fun for kids. #CreativeMondays

  3. We have almost run on out of jam too - I shall get my son doing this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh, that is cool! This reminds me of writing on coffee mugs. I read on Pinterest that regular sharpies will wash off in the dishwasher. I have loads of regular sharpies, so I'd like to do this with my kids!

    I'm guessing you use a little tea light in there? We may use those battery operated tea lights from the dollar store and put them in the window sill.

    Thanks for this craft!


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