Thursday, October 23, 2014

Five MInute Friday: Dare 10/24/14

Welcome to FMF, where a huge tribe of writers
 write on a one word prompt for five minutes. 
No over-thinking, no editing, no stressing over grammar and punctuation.
I'm happy to join the tribe this week 
I'm so happy YOU are here!
Let's set a timer and here goes:

~~~ DARE ~~~
Dare to remember....
Dare to recreate...

The tapestry of our family history, here, in this serenity?  Often it comes crashing with such ferocity, I am back again. It is 1973 or it is 1978 or it is 1982. And I am here as a child. 
Or it is 2010 or it is 2014......... And these squealing, splashing, fishing, frolicking kids are mine.

No matter.

             There is a rickety redwood picnic table. There are bare, sandy feet.  There are stacks of books and board games.  And up on Route 9, there is the comforting fixture of our American flag waving, though largely unnoticed. There is homemade potato salad and a plate stacked with slices of tomato and cucumber. There are fishing rods leaning by the cabin door; haphazard piles of sandals and flip flops alongside.
 Today there was dock jumping and row boating and mussel hunting. Then as the sun dipped low behind the mountains ringing Schroon, after a day all too fleeting, there is the whisper-y fragrance of citronella and hickory barbeque and the familiar July crescendo of cicadas.

And most vividly, there are hushed, happy voices, familiar lilts and inflections, saying nothing of huge importance, but enveloping me in safe-ness.    Just as now, in the present,  I hope we are creating a haven that shrouds our kids in much the same...the safety, the memories, the goodness.

And yeah, this is taking me longer than my allotted five minutes,
 but I have to stick a picture from one of these many summers~
Hope it's ok if I go beyond that five minute mark!



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  1. Lovely! (And yes... it's more than okay to post a photo after your writing is done! We want to see a glimpse of all those memories!) We are neighbors today over at Kate's place for Five Minute Fridays! I am glad I stopped by!

    1. Karilee~~
      Thanks SO very much....I, too, am so happy you stopped of the best parts of blogging is meeting new people!

      Thanks and I look fwd to clicking to your blog now!

  2. Beautiful post! You touched my heart -- bless you and thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Patti, you made my day!

      Thank you so much for your kindness and for visiting!

  3. It's a beautiful thing to be able to create memories for your kids like those you look back on fondly! Beautifully written!

    1. Mollie~ Yes, agreed...aren't we blessed that we can do that!!?

      Thank you for your kind compliment and for visiting!!

  4. Isn't it good to just dare to remember some times? We get so caught up in what's next that we forget to savor the beautiful memories. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Yes, I So agree!! Thank you so much for your kind comment...and for stopping by!

  5. Chris

    I love these type of posts though I don't think I could write one myself. I'd be tempted to stop and change words and I wouldn't have much written by the end of five minutes. I am too much of a perfectionist to just let the words flow onto the screen and be happy with what appears. I don't think my unedited words would be as good as yours. Wow! You get into the flow of it very quickly. Did you take long to think about what you were going to write about? I love both the images your words conjure up as well as the photos!

    1. Thanks Sue for your LOVELY words.....Yes, I do think on the prompt for a bit, but not toooolong. I've written on this kids growing up, "recreating" memories so to speak and so when I sit to write for a FMF it's not too too hard to do.
      You def could do it....don't let your editor self out to play...just write and see what happens. It's very "free-ing" by its very limiting bc you know you only have 5 min and whatever happens, happens.
      I was surprised I wrote so much in 5 min, but then when I look it over, it seems rather short!
      I do admit though, to taking fixing a few semi colon/apostrophe/ typos. When I type quickly I mix them up and hit the wrong keys!! LOL
      Thanks for your visit Sue!!
      I will definitely be over for a podcast listen soon!

      Enjoy your weekend, friend!



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