Friday, October 24, 2014

Insect Study with Kid Quest Adventure's Bugging Around: A Book Review

Welcome friends and thanks for stopping in for a little peek 
at a brand new science book 
that I'm lucky to have incorporated into our homeschool!

I was recently granted the opportunity  to  review the wonderfully engaging and extremely comprehensive book, Bugging Around. published recently by KidQuest Science Adventures. It was truly a perfect accompaniment to  my 6th grade son's science program and fit beautifully with our nature study as well as becoming the springboard for our  study of taxonomy.

This e book may, at first glance, appear  simply cute and colorful, but don't let the cover appeal fool you into thinking it is not thorough and in - depth! Bugging Around: Insects  provides a wealth  of information  as well as  opportunities for hands-on experiences within its "field research" section. 
Appealing, no?
It certainly grabbed my son
and he was eager to dive right in and  learn
as much as he could about BUGS!

I know from experience, as a homeschooling mom of a decade  and prior to that,  an elementary teacher of a dozen years, it is  a rare resource! Ah to be eye catching to middle schoolers, yet offer a plethora of background! This is the jackpot where an insect study is concerned, friends! So grab your clipboards, a magnifying glass and get out there on your backyard safari!

Let me give you a glance at  the Bugging Around: Insects Table of Contents so you can see for yourself how varied and interesting  are the topics presented:
Buggy numbers 
What is an insect? 
Insect lifecycles 
Who are your neighbors? 
Where they live? 
Equipment check 
Bee safe 
Dinner time  
Pest profiles

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it??

And as for the life cycle instruction and follow up activities,
here's my son working an activity.
Within the book, there are suggestions for children to refer to 
companion websites in order to garner more info or a different angle.
This is So helpful, yet very rarely even necessary.
For example, in the activity above, we opted to search for 
even more life cycle examples than given in 
Bugging Around as my son drew his own.

Additionally, as we studied food webs, 
we found this helpful and kid friendly website....
Just thought I'd throw that in for those searching for quality science-y links.

We're planning on dissecting owl pellets next week to finalize our
food web study, which began through use of Bugging Around
 and then move to a study of 
Linnaean Classification.
As you can see, Bugging Around was our perfect springboard
for each of those units.
 I'm sure YOU will find convenient ways to adapt
this practical book into your homeschool curriculum as well!

So, take your kids on a backyard safari!

Here's how you can obtain a copy of this great

Bugging Around: Insects is the first in a series of books about the world of bugs!
Bugging Around: Insects is available in print form for $8.50 or 
in eBook for $5. 

Coming soon is book on CD.

(I was provided with a complimentary copy of this title in order to
use and review on my blog.)

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

Until next time,


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