Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Dozen Years, A Golden Heart, A Birthday

This little boy who is  the kindest, gentlest, 
most empathetic person I know?
Someday, hopefully, we'll have the opportunity to 
 ask the Lord what we did to deserve him.

Twelve years ago today, the world became a better place because now,
he's in it.
Yes, I know, all children are beautiful inside and out.
All children are a gift.
There's something special about my little man, though,
and we are certainly blessed beyond all comprehension, that he is ours.
Here are some shots through the years  ....

I'll be back tomorrow with today's fun.
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~The birthday tree~
I create a birthday tree for my boys to display  photos of them
throughout each year and "charms" depicting their hobbies and interests.
It's easy and they love a special tree dedicated to them!
This post gives the how-to.
Here's a quick shot of the almost- birthday boy's 10 birthday tree:

Blinkies courtesy of Gif paradise .

Friends, while you're here, 
may I ask that you whisper a prayer for 
a dear friend? 

Mary is losing her daughter.
Her time this side of heaven, as Mary says,
 is numbered in days as of now.
Please visit Mary's home on the web to possibly offer a kind word...
bu most importantly.please pray.
Our hearts here, as we celebrate our little sweetheart, are breaking..

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  1. I had to stop by friend. It's been a while. But you might recall that we share this date with two of our guys. My firstborn turned 19 today! This guy looks just as sweet as you portray him. I have had the same feeling of undeserved-ness as you have. It's a blessed life. :)

    1. I do remember, Rox!!

      Thanks for stopping over and a very happy birthday to your sweetie, who I can NOT believe, is 19!


  2. Oh what precious photos of your "baby" :) I love your birthday tree idea as I remember this is a well loved family tradition for you guys! It looks like Timmy had a wonderful birthday celebration!

    1. Aw, thanks Tracy!

      He did have a great day.Like your Luke, he is a super fun and also, very appreciative kid to celebrate with !\

      Thanks for visiting!!


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