Friday, December 5, 2014

Can you believe it's been two years? A blogoversary giveaway for you, my friends.......

When I typed "" into my browser bar two years ago,
(at the insistence, I might add, of my oldest son, 
who'd been badgering me
to move my black and white marble notebook musings
into online form for an insane number of years, and 
wow, am I happy he's relentless....)
I thought I'd have a nice little happy home in 
a corner of the web and that maybe a few people, from time to time,
might click over and peruse and then click away.
Well,  while I know some aren't big on the frills and the blinkies and 
as said son, mentioned above, that same encouraging kid,
 now tells me there's so much hyperactivity loading my
page, it's akin to stepping back into the late 70s,
 spinning disco ball,  Bee Gees, Tony Manero, 
flashing dance floor be damned
it turns out, yes, I do have myself a nice little home on the web.

Anyhoo, the part about a few people clicking over?
Yeah, they did.
And while I do not, by any stretch, have major stats
I do have something a heck of a lot more important:
 major friends.
Hey, I'll take the people to the numbers any day.

Oh, I've "made connections" through this here little blog and had a few 
articles published on things like 
homeschooling, faith, family, our pro life position.,  Mater et magistra, Seton magazine
 all kinda liked what they saw here, 
actually re-posted a thing or two  and in a couple of cases, asked for more.
Yup. Pretty darn cool.
But I've no grand illusions.
Just two years worth of  life's memories and life's musings
organized into nifty little posts   
and great friends, all cultivated through the blogosphere.
So I'd love to celebrate and since distance impedes a gathering......
 some of my friends are as "close" as 400 miles;
some as far as 9000!  (Sue 9000 miles, really? )~~
I guess I'll just have to settle for a little party and giveaway
right here  on the blog!

You know, if you've been around these parts a bit,
that I have a great affinity for our Blessed Mother, as do many of you. 
Well, my blog had its beginning on the feast day of 
Our Lady of Guadalupe and you know I can't resist the candles, 
the scapulars, even all things OLG-cheesy!
And, heck, there are a good number of super cheesy-OLG items out there!
Have you seen them?

So I have for you an offering of giveaway gifts,
Our Lady and Christmas-y related.
Here they are:

Believe it or not, I  picked up this OLG candle in the brand new religious item section at
our local Walmart.

And here's a lovely pewter cross candle decoration
 that a glass votive holder fits right into:
For your votive and for the OLG  candle, when the original one has burnt down, 
there's a package of  6 Christmas sugar cookie scented votives.
Yum. We're actually using one of those as our advent wreath's Christ candle.
Perfect size and really does smell like a tray of cookies baking.

Because nothing says advent like cookies?
Yeah, we're doin' it right.

Also, those little waxy cubes?
Those are cinnamon fragranced.
To tell you the truth, we don't use those as instructed. 
There are six in the package.
I break off one at a time and just leave it sitting in a drawer in the bathroom
or in a votive candle holder when I'd like to make a room fragrant,
but can't because there are too many kids around 
or there's too much activity.  

So if you, too,  have a devotion to OLG and adore  candles and 
seasonal fragrances for
your Christmas-decorated home, 
I'm happy  to offer you the chance to win:
the Our Lady candle, the votive holder with cross,
 a pack of red wax cubes < cinnamon scented >,
 a package of white replacement votive candles <vanilla cookie scented>.

Here's how you enter:
No fancy rafflecopters.
 uggh I hate those giveaway hoops  and
 I'm not asking you to jump through them.
Please just~~
1. Keep the conversation going...
Leave me a little comment;  say hi
and tell us how your advent and your Christmas season are  going!

2. Please subscribe to receive my posts by email and follow on FB:
It's easy:

Enter your email address:

And here's how to follow on Facebook as well.....


3. Winners will be randomly chosen the old
and announced right here next week,
 on December 12th, my blogoversary.
Good luck! 

Before I close, may I share some good news and ask a favor!?
Campfires and Cleats has been nominated in THREE categories
 at the Homeschool Post Blog Awards #HSBA2014 and
I. Am. Thrilled!
It is truly an honor and I'm blown away!
May I ask you to click over and vote?
It's quick and easy. 
I promise.
Here are the three links...
just click my blog name and then scroll down a touch to 
click on the "vote" button.

Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

Oh and by the way~
If you are shopping at  amazon this Christmas season,
would you consider clicking through my link?
Here it is:

In this way, I will receive a small commission on the purchase.....
a few pennies per dollar.
If YOU are an amazon affiliate, please send me
your link and I will do the same!

Until next time,



  1. Happy Anniversary Chris! Glad to have you as a blogger friend.

  2. Congratulations on your blogoversary! Wow, it has been 2 years already. I feel like I've "known" you forever! xoxo What beautiful items for a giveaway! Our Advent is going very well. I love this time of year. :-)

  3. Happy Blogoversary Chris! Gosh, I still can remember when you were asking for suggestions for your blog name when you were just starting at it! I love your blog name and blog and you make blog land brighter and such a bright, fun and encouraging place to hang out and chat! Love your beautiful giveaway items-so very generous of you! Our Advent is going well and so much fun and anticipation! I miss the nights we have to skip our usual Advent "routine" due to our busy evening schedules :/ I hope one day we can meet in real life, but until then we'll have to chat through our blogs and the send waves through our computers :)

  4. Chris,

    Congratulations on your two years of blogging! I feel like I've known you far longer than that. Thank you so much for mentioning me and putting in a link to my blog. I feel very special!

    Just in case you've been trying to visit my unschooling blog, I'm having a few problems with my Stories of an Unschooling Family domain name. My blog seems to have reverted to its original address: I've been trying all afternoon to verify my domain name and get my blog back at its proper URL. So far I haven't been successful. Feeling frustrated! Perhaps I should forget blogging and do something else. I have a stack of books I could read!

    Advent seems to be disappearing too quickly. Second Sunday of Advent tomorrow already!

    9000 miles apart? That sounds a long way!

  5. Only two years?! Happy Anniversary! You've got quite the list of awards and accolades for such a young blog!! :) I do love the connections we get to make with people we never would have "met" otherwise. I have friends over in India! Isn't that something?!

  6. Happy Anniversary Chris! Two years is a major accomplishment - what a blessing your blog is!

  7. Sorry, I thought I had commented. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It doesn't seem like two years already, but I agree with Lisa. I feel like I have known you for a lot longer than that. My only wish is if we lived closer.

  8. Congrats on your Blogaversary.
    Love & Hugs...

    1. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving such lovely and fun comments! Monique is the winner and the announcement postis right here: Congrats Monique :)



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