Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Feast Day of OLG...and the winner is~~

Well, today's one of my very favorite days of our liturgical calendar!
I love a Marian feast day, as I'm sure, do all of you....
 and the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Patron saint of the Americas,
well, it's so enchanting, so gripping.
Juan Diego's undying loyalty, the beautiful tilma,
the miraculous roses....
Beauty, faith, dedication, mutual devotion between Our Lady and her children?
And miracles, miracles, miracles?
It has all the makings of a bestselling book, a box office smash.
And more.
And aren't we blessed that it's  the foundation of our faith?

So today, to celebrate two years today of 
blogging here in this space,
I held a giveaway for some OLG and Christmas-y 
candles and goodies, as you know.
The candle up above plus a few other treats which you can find here.
Very simple but meaningful little somethings I wished
to offer to readers and friends for frequenting my little home on the web~!
to all who stopped by, visited, commented and entered!

The winner of the OLG and Christmas candle giveaway is
yay, Monique!
I just need your address and I can get these out to you asap.
I hope you enjoy the goodies,Monique!

By the way, a favor?
  Monique is up for Best Nitty Gritty Blog
at the Homeschool Post Blog Awards!
Can you cast a quick vote for her please?
It'll take all of about 20 seconds to click over and tap the circle
 next to Mountain of Grace.
THANKS so very much!
And thanks for stopping by.....
I'll be back soon with my son's recent 
Pirates of the Caribbean themed party  and an advent daybook.

Before I close, may I share some good news and ask a favor!?
Campfires and Cleats has been nominated in THREE categories
 at the Homeschool Post Blog Awards #HSBA2014 and
I. Am. Thrilled!
It is truly an honor and I'm blown away!
May I ask you to please click over and vote?
It's quick and easy. 
I promise.
Here are the three links...
just click my blog name and then scroll down a touch to 
click on the "vote" button.

Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

Oh and by the way~
If you are shopping at  amazon this Christmas season,
would you consider clicking through my link?
Here it is:

In this way, I will receive a small commission on the purchase.....
a few pennies per dollar.
If YOU are an amazon affiliate, please send me
your link and I will do the same!

Until next time,



  1. Congrats Monique.
    Blessings to you Chris and happy two-year VERSARY!
    Love ya,


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