Monday, January 19, 2015

The 2015 Sheenazings Are Here!

How much do you love Venerable Fulton Sheen?

We have to assume that if was  alive in this digital age,
he'd be utilizing any means available to evangelize:
blogging, texting, you tubing, 
Am I right?
His popularity is still surging.......
entire clips of his  radio and television shows 
can be found on you tube quite easily and are
gripping, entertaining and inspirational.

His charisma knew no boundaries
and yet, his take-no-prisoners attitude with his messages 
won hearts and converted many.

Now, for me to be nominated in the
categories for awards named for this larger-than-life man?
Pretty AMAZING, I'd say!
Wow, I'm honored.
I'm humbled.
You guys are great.

THANK YOU to the kind souls who thought of me.

So there are two things:
One, of course, involves me groveling for your vote.
Yep, if you're so inclined and don't mind clicking over
to show  a little love to Campfires and Cleats, 
that'd be wonderful and sooooooo appreciated.

And hey, while you're at it, mind if I parade a few of
my blogging friends and their homes on the web
 for your support as well?
I mean, I don't want to tell you who to vote for or anything buuuuuuuuuut
<wink wink>

All those nominated and awarded Honorable Mention are awesome~~ 

Let's go category by category, if you will:
If you don't know these blogs, you should~~~

Most Inspiring Blog
Encouraging, uplifting, honest, challenging


Best Lifestyle Blog
Food, fashion, holidays, decorations, toddies, motherhood, 
Sacraments, and sex - 
amazing posts written courtesy of nap time and Netflix.

Best Under-Appreciate Blog
The best kept secrets of the Catholic blogosphere. 
These blogs are small-ish.

Smartest Blog
Not just opinions, well formed opinions

Best Podcast
Shhhhhh! I'm trying to listen!

Also, don't miss the Honorable Mentions:


Most importantly, 
aside from spotlighting amazing Catholic blogs,
 the Sheenazings are such a boost to the 
cause for canonization of Ven Sheen.
Please, please, click to Bonnie's blog to read her stories of
the <alleged> miracle involving her son, for which Ven Fulton is credited.
You will be truly astounded.

Thank YOU, Bonnie, for hosting and
 for allowing us all to be a part of this.

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!
And hey:

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Until next time,



    I love you Chris. Your heart is just amazing. THANK YOU!

    1. Aw! Em! Some would say something completely different~! But my friend, you made my day!

      Congrats on your nominations as well!


      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Glad you're being highlighted, Chris. You are so deserving! God bless you and your sweet family. :)

    1. Thank YOU, Rox...and congratulations on Honorable Mention!
      Peace Garden Writer is beautiful!

      I'll be looking for your group Thurs at the March and your interview at the EWTN tent!

      Safe journey

  3. Chris,

    Congratulations on your nominations. I'm so glad to see you in two categories. Miss Congeniality is so perfect for you! I hope you win an award!!!

    Thank you also for nominating my blog and for linking it in this post. I've had some extra visitors so that's wonderful. I do appreciate your friendship and thoughtfulness, Chris. You are always so encouraging and loving. I'm glad I know you! God bless!

    1. Sue,
      Thanks for your kind words, my friend......

      Well, you're certainly awesome with those podcasts and so deserving of a nod in that category ( as well as numerous others!)

      Thx for your kind words.....I'll "see" you out there in blogland soon.



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