Friday, February 13, 2015

Colorful Candy Shoppe Birthday Cake

So even though Lent is on the horizon in less than one week---------
(and please, by the way, tell me I'm not the only one who still has her tree up!
Seriously, 'fess up----!)
I must share this awesome, sticky, yummy, sugar-loaded  cake.

 I made this absolutely decadent and fun birthday treat back in December and
 thought I should get my act together and share it now for those of you who
have a kids'  birthday coming up,
Valentine dessert to concoct,
who'd just like to have one last sugary-fling before 
we enter the desert with our Lord for forty days and nights.
What do you think? Good idea?
Ok, let's talk cake, cuz we won't be able to for sooooo long!

Here are a couple of shots of the final product:
Candy Shop Cake~~~


And here's what I used to adorn it~

1. Start with two different sizes - heart shaped cake pans
(sort of hidden there under the heaps of candy packages.)
Tons of frosting and candy
As you're shopping, ( just go to Walmart or your grocery stores' candy aisle)
 look for color filled candy that is fun sized and shaped,
twistable, gummy-ish, pile-able,  splashy and  even stack-able.

2. After you bake your cake, ice with white frosting,
 Stack the heart cakes sort of lopsided and funky
and then have a blast piling on the candy in whatever way suits your fancy!

Doesn't it just scream "birthday celebration?"
Here's my little guy, excited to turn 12~
Stick some vibrant candles in there and you're all set.

And I have to share my son opening his gift!
We were able to acquire a violin on craigslist...
as you can see, he kinda likes it!

And, here's the Pirates of the Caribbean party we hosted for him too,
in case you'd like to sail on the Jolly Roger and might like to take a peek:

Also, here's one of our family birthday traditions I'd also love to share with you!
It's easy, frugal, super individualized  
 and  has put a smile on the birthday boy's face year after year!

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  1. Wow! The kid version of me would have FREAKED from happiness over a candy cake such as this. Good job, Mama!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Heather!!

      I appreciate your lovely comment!!! Thx for stopping over!

  2. Oh my gracious just looking at that cake sends me into sugar overload! I'm sure it was a HUGE hit!

    1. It was, Jenny~ Mainly bc of it's colorful look!

      Thanks for visiting! I really appreciate it!

  3. I love that you still have your tree up!! I used to keep mine up for a long time too. It's just too much work to decorate for such a short time, but the past couple of years I've been taking it down right after Christmas.
    Anyway, so much cuteness in this post! Love the cake. Your son looks so happy. The pictures are all fantastic. How cool you found him a violin. My kids love instruments and music too. My son plays the baritone and my daughter sings and plays a ukelele. Their musical talent is definitely not from me :).
    So glad he had a good birthday! Our babies are almost teenagers!!

    1. I KNOW, Candace!! Our sons, whoa re pretty close in age ARE almost teens!WOW!

      Thanks so much for stopping over and for your kind words, my friend!

  4. That is definitely a sugary birthday cake! Wow....

    1. It is! And yummy too!! Honestly, most of the candy just wasn't eaten---way tooo sweet!!

      Thank you so much for visiting! I appreciate it!

  5. Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by.. I love cakes, this looks amazing, yummy, yes please :)

    1. Claire~~ Yes it WAS delish!!

      Thanks fo visiting, my friend~~

  6. Chris, that cake is absolutely gorgeous and looks SO yummy! Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." I hope you will be able to join us again this week.

    1. Thanks Lisa! it was so much fun to make...a little TOO sweet though!

      Thanks for visiting!!


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