Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 5 Best Moments: Doctor Who Season 1 #5faves

Any excuse, any excuse at all to write on all things wibbly wobbly timey wimey....!
Well I'm just loving five faves on Wednesdays  at Jenna's......
If you're a DW fan, awesome...welcome home.....
If you're not a lover of Gallifrey....well,
maybe you'll find the fun infectious and  you'll decide to tune in!
I'm not not not a fan of sci fi/fantasy.At. All.
But I am  a fan of good-triumphs-over-evil,
of geniuses saving the world, violence-free and generally of 
the  creativity, compassion and brilliance  of the human race.
If I've lost ya, then you, my friend, need to start watching!
So just for fun, here are my Top Five Scenes of Doctor Who, season 1,

~~ In 5th place~
Rose meets The Doctor 

orange star border

~ In 4th place ~ 
"Let one go..."
 The Doctor, wisdom and a Slitheen:


orange star border

~In 3rd place~
A holographic message from the grave......a selfless act~


orange star border

~In 2nd place~
The London Blitz, String of Pearls, the Doctor Dances....
And who doesn't love Capt Jack?

orange star border

~And in 1st place~
My all-time season 1 favorite Doctor scene~~~~
Are you my Mummy???
"Give me a day like this...give me this one."
"Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once!"

                                                         orange star border

Well, I hope you had a grand Whovian  diversion here today....!
Don't forget to stop over to Jenna's for more  #5faves!
Next week? The best of season 2~! Come on back...:)

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  1. I have never seen Dr. Who, but it is fun to hear about others' passions.

  2. You Whovians ;) My hubs and I have tried to watch a few times, but never got into it. I guess I'm more of a Parks and Recs-ian ha!


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