Friday, April 3, 2015

Peep Wreath for Easter and Spring: Artful Friday

             Well, it's been quite some time...two weeks in fact...since I've last blogged...and  all about fun with  Easter basket goodies! We've been busy living life;  time carved out to write just hasn't been abundant enough. I've missed you all, my friends! I hope the closing of your Lenten season and your Easter preparations are progressing as well as you would like! 
            I've lots to chronicle; a daybook's in the works for all of it. In the meantime, I wanted to pop in quickly to wish all my friends a Happy Easter and to share some fun that we've had here, creating an adorable decoration! Perhaps after Veneration of the Cross and egg dyeing, this is something you might like to tackle with the family this weekend?

I found this craft  initially at the lovely, Southern Blue Celebrations!
Sheila, at Southern Blue featured a  lovely wreath such as this that she found
 here at Tried and True.
I'm so grateful for Sheila's feature in a spring craft round up! 
Thank you Southern Blue and Tried and True!

Here's one of our finished products, ready to be hung on the front door:
Cute, right?!

And here are needed supplies...
And to hang the wreaths, ribbon and/or suction cups ...the latter is not shown.

It's likely you have some peeps handy, though perhaps not enough peeps for the project.....
And  the wreaths, I picked up  at our local dollar store.
Now, since most of us aren't fans of braving  the lines at Walmart or our local supermarket   for more Easter candy on Good Friday or Holy Saturday, 
there's always amazon prime, right? We can  easily secure a variety pack of peeps here

There are a variety of ways to design/attach the peeps, of course.
My son created a color pattern, as such:

My wreath essentially looks the same as his, but I laid out the peeps a bit differently:

 Sort of  in a 12,3,6,9 "clock pattern."

Any way you'd like to arrange the peeps, you'll get a lovely, colorful decoration!


For another super easy and gorgeous craft, here's my  kids' crucifixion paintings
(Links to the original idea are within the post. )
They created these beautiful crosses on Good Friday, 2013

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  1. I love that peep wreath!! Such a cute idea, especially if you like the way they look and NOT the way they taste.

    1. Thanks Laura!!

      Well we LOVE their look and taste; so it's a win-win! LOL!!

      Thanks so much for sharing this Laura and for stopping by!!
      Happy easter!

  2. You have been missed, my friend! I love to take 1-2 week breaks from blogging every once in a while to hang out with my family. I have found it to be an absolute necessity. Those peeps wreaths and your kids paintings are awesome! My only problem is getting those peeps past my mouth and mounted on to the wreath ;). So good to see you back, Chris!

    1. Thanks so much, Candace for your kind words and THANKS for stopping by!!!
      Yes the breaks are necessary. Good to keep the computer closed for a stretch now and then, although I do love my readers/ friends and miss them!


  3. Hi Chris!

    I went on a blogging break too during Holy Week mostly because I was doing so much "real life" and there wasn't time for blog life. I love the peep wreath and of course the crucifix watercolor painting is a favorite around here. I love how the peep wreath is so easy and colorful and Spring colors! Happy Easter and good to see you back in blog land! :)

    1. Well thanks for stopping by Tra and for your kind words! I know, it's definitely hard to balance life and blogging!!

      Happy Easter Traxoxo

  4. Hi Chris,

    Happy Easter!

    I left a comment here a few days ago but it has disappeared without a trace. I'm still getting everyone else's comments and replies to this post in my inbox, so I thought I'd hop back over and try again. I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. Also, I noticed you had a birthday. Happy birthday dear Chris! A big time of celebration for you. Sending love and a hug xxxx

    1. Hmmm sorry that happened about your comment disappearing Sue!
      So strange.

      Thank you for the bday wishes! It was a lovely day.....

      xoxoxo We'll be in touch.Timmy's started working o Thomas's bears' tags...... :)

      Happy Easter my friend!

  5. Love your Easter wreath Chris :)

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up..

    1. Thank YOU Claire, for visiting!!!

      Happy Easter!

  6. I don't know how I missed your comment on my Easter post and I know Easter has already passed but I wanted to credit for the tutorial on the peeps wreath. I love peeps so they would never make it to a wreath but how fun that you do crafts with your children. When my daughter was young, we spent hours working on crafting projects. Those are such precious memories.
    She is now pregnant with my grandson. I so look forward to spending time with him making new memories and sharing good times just like I did with his mother.

    1. Sheila~

      I So love your blog!! Thanks for replying with the link to the peep wreath....I'll add that into the post now.

      Congratulations on the big news - how exciting that your daughter is expecting! I look forward to seeing pics on your lovely blog!

      Thanks!! Happy easter.


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