Friday, April 10, 2015

"Relief" ~ Five Minute Friday 4/10/15

Joining with Kate's tribe of #fmf writers over at Heading Home...
Just focus on "relief," set a timer for five and.....go!

Good grief, RELIEF is anything but what I feel right now......

Because decluttering, disposing of, donating, organizing   for six hours yesterday yielded so little "thinning out" as I look around. REALLY? Come on. Seven hefty bags of stuff vacating the house doesn't make a difference? But I've come to recognize...... houses are  bought and lived in. Homes need to be made.  With our hearts and gentle touches...after the purging of all that extraneous of course. And so I keep at it. I will. Right after I hit publish. I mean it.

Because that quick visit to the dentist to have a thirty year old <small >  and crumbling filling refilled yielded news that the tooth next door needs a root canal....REALLY?? And how does that happen to someone who brushes after <most> meals and flosses twice a day?     And here's what I'm never doing again: Listening to the dentist when she says, "Hey this is a super small cavity. You don't even need to be numbed for this." Ok.  Why not. How bad can it be?  Here's how it went: Marathon Man, anyone?  You know what I mean, right? Please tell me you know what I mean. Never again... and judging by friends' reactions when I shared on FB, most are with me! 

Because I cannot look past the blood money that is exchanging hands within the walls of my  parish church and though our pastor  has become part of the fabric of our lives for the almost nineteen years that we have been parishioners, I need to go beyond and to a "higher" level to seek cessation for the parish support of an American institution that is irrefutably linked to the abortion industry and it pains me. I like to be anonymous. I like not to make waves or cause tension. But this, I can't watch any longer. Something needs to be done and I'm counting on the Bishop...and if not him, then the Pope, to be the  change that needs to be.

Because algebra. And homeschool paperwork. And history. And literature. And  knowing that time is short and there's much to learn and how do you fit it all in? hmmmmm.

Because life and balance and covering bases and not dropping the ball
 and laundry   and  recovering peace during waves of strife. Because strife does come, does it not, into every family at one point or another?

Because Him.  "I can do all things in him that strengthen me" and because this I need to remember. <Phil 4:13>

And my time's up...that was SO not relevant to relief was it?
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  1. Hi Chris! I'm visiting from FMF and loved your post and it most definitely relates to relief. Your need for relief to be more precise. Although I'm not a mom, if I can sometimes crave relief of the craziness of life, I can only imagine when you have kids to look after and take care of. I actually just recently ordered a book called "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo after it was recommended by a few bloggers. It's apparently a concept where you de-clutter based on emotion and a method that makes tidying up not a permanent fixture in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    1. Stephanie~~

      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I'm loving ( and benefiting from!) your reminder that it seems I nee relief to be precise.....perfect. Ans life is so not like that!

      I just res'd your book rec at my library's website...thanks~! I've heard of it but have yet to obtain a copy...sounds great...the emotional decluttering first! Love it.

      Thanks again...heading to your blog now!


  2. I love you and I hate all the blood money too. Sigh.
    And relief is fleeting some days. But if we put it at the foot of the cross, if we dare compare it, we know we shall keep marching on... for we will never suffer in comparison.
    Keep your head up.
    Funny, my 7QTF was about decluttering and such. HA

  3. Hi Chris, Well done for decluttering! I'm right there with you. I looked to Amazon for inspiration (digital, of course ;-)) and the book I came across (Banish Clutter Forever: How the Toothbrush Principle Will Change Your Life) gave me just what I was looking for - a new nugget to help me on my way.
    The nugget was: start by tackling the storage areas furthest away from your main living area. And in each room after that, begin with the most inaccessible storage area. The idea is to free up space to store all the stuff that's junking up your surfaces, and leave a trail of order in your wake. I've begun in my attic (which has been strictly 'in-only' since we moved into this house!)
    So... off I go back to my attic... I hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing weekend... you sound like you deserve it!
    Lucinda xx

  4. When you are done decluttering your house, please come by my house and declutter for me! :) Ugggh...I can't seem to get motivated to do this and when I do get motivated, I get interrupted or I have to run out the door! Oh the GS/PP "issue"...Another BIG Ugggh! Keep me posted if you make any progress with that! Hoping you are having a blessed weekend Chris!


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