Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My 5 Favorite Doctor Who GIFs ~ #5faves

Hi there friends~~
Hope all is well with YOU and that you're enjoying 
our suddenly- gorgeous spring!

Just stopping in for fun~ my son and I stumbled onto a few GIF gems and I thought I'd gather
our #5faves to share here!
If you're a fan, I'll bet you can name each one's season and ep~~
I love you all anyway, but if you're not Whovian....
well...what are you waiting for?? 

Here goes~ in no particular order, our top five fave DW gifs~

One of the Tenth Doctor's catch phrases.......
Not sure which is my favorite~~~
  Season two, the Doctor and Rose  or season four, Doctor Donna.
How 'bout you?

Season three is not one of my all time best loved:
I'm not a huge Martha fan.
But it does  feature tons of Captain Jack...and who doesn't love it when 
John Barrowman makes an appearance from Torchwood?

You do know, by the way, who initiated The Torchwood Institute? 
If you watch this, you'll get your answer!

Only one season, Chris, as the Ninth Doctor? 
We still miss you!
And contrary to what you might think, this scene is NOT in The Doctor Dances.....
Nope, you can find it in The End of the  World.

The face you make when admonished  by Queen Victoria!
~~ I'm thinking she is not amused ~~
<<A true Whovian will get that, but if you don't yet, 
get in on the fun and watch here! >>

Well, they are.
Here's where the iconic red- ish bow ties got their start 
with the Eleventh Doctor

And btw, you guys who are hugeWhovians----
here's a Dalek cake we've made 

and a TARDIS cake too , 

if you've a birthday or just a gathering that you'd
like to do Galifreyan style!

Thanks for stopping by for some DW fun!
I'll be back before too long....!
Please visit Mary, our FF hostess this week for a -w-h-o-l-e lotta #5fave fun!
Thank you Mary!

Friends, as always,  
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  1. The Doctor and Donna! I had to step away from the series after the first few episodes with the eleventh Doctor and Amy. I plan to pick it back up this summer. :)

    1. Oh my goodness, Erica! You'll LOVE season 5! And 6 is even better!!

      Though season 4 - Doctor Donna is my fave....hey thanks for stopping by, friend!!

  2. As always a fun time here!!! Brilliant! and FANTASTIC! LOL :)

    1. THANKS Denise! I'm sure we could swap fave gifs/pics all day!

      Thank you for visiting, my friend!

  3. This makes me want to start watching again! My husband and I saw all the craze about Doctor Who and started watching from the new beginning (not the oldest of old beginnings). We watched at least two seasons maybe three (I'm terrible with details) and enjoyed them but then life and life and we haven't picked it up again! This makes me want to! Thanks for this fun post!

    1. Amanda~ Well, I know you'll enjoy seasons 4 and forward...( 4 is my FAVORITE...love Donna!

      Happy you enjoyed the fun, Amanda and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Haha - I hate to admit it, but I've never (ever) seen a Doctor Who episode! After seeing your post, I think I should definitely check it out :)

    1. jen~~ Well, that's great!!

      I KNOW you'll enjoy the series.....it's awesome~
      Thanks for stopping by!


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