Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Missing the Blog Life

I miss this space.......

I miss all of you..... 

Trying to find time during this thing called life to blog about it all.

Selfishly hoping you miss me back? sigh.

So many posts in the works. So many. I hope to be back soon, especially with a how-to-take-that-cross-country-trip-on-the-cheap post. Really. If we can do it, you can. Provided you don't mind schlepping half a mile to the bathroom with your towel, bag and clothes? hmmmm. Sleeping on the ground, a thin layer of nylon between you and the impending storm.............. It ain't always pretty, finding a way to see this beautiful  country of ours, is it?

In the meantime, just popping in to say HI! I miss you all!  For some posts of substance and awesomeness, go see my friends Tracy and Emily, who are entertaining, informing and inspiring, as always. If you don't already  follow them, well, then here are  two new blogs to love! Also, my dear friend, Sue, has began a marvelous new blog! You must check it out! Oh my goodness,  always something either fun, reverent, contemplative to be found  at Sue's!

Friends, I look forward to seeing you again, hopefully this week, in my corner of blogland! God bless!

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